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Six Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses

Six Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses

Any online business that is based on sales today must have a good order management system. Order management software is responsible for updating the information regarding the product, notifying whether it is out of stock, etc. A good piece of software, especially for small businesses, will make the process of monitoring any inventory easy and stress-free. To save you time and help you find an appropriate order management software that suits your needs best we will list the 6 best order management software for small businesses.

1. WooCommerce Order Export PRO

Perhaps the most sophisticated plugin that handles order management with ease and professionally is WooCommerce Order Export PRO. It is completely rewritten from the scratch. It brings several innovative features and offers so many options regarding export. Not only that, this powerful WordPress plugin for WooCommerce will keep the track of the order dynamics and make sure it delivers you only the new ones. Multiple filters allow easy sorting of large data quantities. It is now your choice whether you want the report to be exported and delivered weekly, daily, or monthly to multiple addresses such as your staff, manager, accountant, etc.

2. Smart Manager for WooCommerce

Another handy and quite innovative WooCommerce plugin that efficiently manages the stockings, promotions, and prices are Smart Manager for WooCommerce. It can successfully operate with large amounts of items by using Excel sheets in a surprisingly easy way suitable for beginners and novices. An intelligent WooCommerce management tool as is, it promises significant improvements in efficiency, convenience, and productivity. The features that come with it allow easy manipulation of data and columns such as hiding, editing, and reordering. If you do have some basic Excel experience this plugin will match your online store needs like a pro.

3. Sequential Order Numbers PRO

Knowing that order management is defenseless against an intense organization, this plugin uses numbers to organize your store. Consecutive order numbers will be assigned to your store, with the possibility of adding prefixes for better organization. The plugin can follow already-made patterns if the store is open to orders. Very suitable for WooCommerce store management, this approach seems to be quite helpful.

Add Shoppable Tags for Multiple Products on Any Website Image

4. Z Inventory Manager

Automatize your stock inventory with this WooCommerce inventory plugin. As it impresses the audience with the simplicity of its use, it is proven that it increases the efficiency of online stores around the world. All the functionalities that you might need for WooCommerce will be right there at your disposal. It belongs to the category of lightweight plugins with a focus on ease of use and automatic inventory. One can easily raise the organization’s standards for sales, orders, and shipments. Client support, as an important aspect of such plugins in the eyes of prospective users, comes free of charge, as well as future updates of the tool.

5. WP Inventory Manager

Don’t let the number of installations fool you – this plugin allows good management of lots of online items in just one click. It also comes with a decent set of features and solid support, as well as the option to apply premium add-ons.

6. YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

If you are sharp on managing order statuses and adding labels to your store – YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status plugin is worth considering. It offers a lot of features that help build advanced order statuses that depend on different parameters. Aesthetics is included too since you can customize the basics like text, colors, and icons to impress your customers even more. Not only that you will be able to create a custom order status, but you will also easily be able to distinguish by utilizing personalized icons and labels. One important thing we must add is that the plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual Library.


Keeping track of the stockings, orders, and other large data for the company imposed many challenges to online store management. However, solid and reliable order management software is a must for any WooCommerce nowadays. Although there are several quite nifty tools, our number one recommendation is WooCommerce Order Export PRO for a variety of reasons. It comes equipped with the most necessary features that include automated exports straight to the inbox, multiple automatic reports, column reorders, and much more. Quick arrangements of different elements will help you make your store unique and accomplish business goals faster than you thought before knowing about this magnificent WordPress plugin. Regardless of the type of online store you are running, this plugin will take your online sales to another level.

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