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Add Shoppable Tags for Multiple Products on Any Website Image

Add Shoppable Tags for Multiple Products on Any Website Image

Shoppable tags are perhaps the first step to subtle and efficient online sales, without pressuring your clientele. Many retail stores around the world recognized the need to be simple and stunning at the same time to catch the eye of potential buyers today.

We can all agree that nothing will catch our attention as a stunning image, but it is no longer promising that a web image will bring more sales. Adobe Express photo editing online tool will help you with that.

The new no-coding platform like Scopa Shoppable Product Tagging brings some awesome features to adding tags to the images with the purpose of an increasing number of clicks and boosting sales. Another important aspect of this tool is its solution to multiple product linking. Without bluff procedures, Scopa provides just what it takes to be the favorite choice of different fields and experts including bloggers, eCommerce, and marketing professionals.

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Besides being a great alternative to tools like Thinglink, Scopa offers easy integration with the most popular platforms like Google Analytics, Spotify, or another eCommerce platform of your choice. That way you can streamline the tagging and review all the data from one place. If you are looking for a way to add tags to the web-hosted images, you want to make your prospective customers bring decisions faster and in higher quantities. With Scopa, it takes neither much effort nor skills to bring the products within the reach of clients super fast. This platform does not ask for more than a copy-and-paste of the site’s URL. What it will do is it will wrap up all the web and mobile-size images hosted on the website, and from that point, you will be able to easily add multiple product links to every one of them. Not only that, but feel free to add custom information such as the product name, price, etc.

Before you set everything in motion, a beautiful part is the preview of the tags on the images you chose. That will let you view how they affect user experience. On that note, let’s dive into the optimization aspects of it. The platform allows optimizing for different display sizes. Once you publish, you can lean back and watch the tags you set to go live across both the web and mobile. On one hand, that will assist your clients to reach your product almost instantly, and on the other, you will likely increase conversions, and therefore enhance your eCommerce tactics.

However, something that earned so much respect for this platform is the capacity to track performance easily. By adding specific attributes to the tag itself you will be able to track the performance of both product and content-specific. As a result, you will have high-quality information on impressions, clicks, etc., and will quickly know which products drive you the most sales.


Realizing that shoppable tags represent the future dominant shopping method, we may conclude that Scopa Shoppable Product Tagging stands out from the competition in making it happen. Especially if we talk about social media shopping like Instagram, this no-code tool will drive significantly more actions and profits from your content. It is recognized as the favorite choice for different brands and publishers because of its user-friendly nature. Experts assert that the tool promises higher interactions, quicker checkouts, and much more. The tracking feature also helps at getting the proper information regarding the performance by attributes assigned. With no prior coding skills or knowledge required, this tool will take your sales to another level and allow you to handle multiple products linking like a pro.

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