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Artificial Intelligence

Ten AI Tools to Spread Your Creativity in 2023

ten ai tools to spread your creativity in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a huge part of everyday life, so it’s no wonder that it found its place even in online content creation. AI uses complicated algorithms to simulate the learning process of a human brain and uses the internet to learn and keep learning constantly. That allows AI to improve over time and become better and better, so the tools used are only getting better.

You can use AI for a lot of things. In content creation, AI can help you create beautiful art, help you, or even write great articles on any topic you might need, or even just save you time by doing the research for you. All you need is some creativity, and the AI will enable you to spread that creativity online, doesn’t matter if it’s through text or art.

This article contains 10 tools that, using AI, help users create content and show their creativity without years of experience learning how to do it.

AI Art Generator

CF Spark Art Generator

If you need to create beautiful art, CF Spark Art Generator by Creative Fabrica is the tool for you. Using the most modern AI technologies, this tool can create stunning images out of simple text in only a few seconds. All you need is some inspiration and simple English. If you’re lacking inspiration, you can research the community pages where you can see art created by other people and see the prompts they used for creating it. Play around with the prompts of the art you liked the most, and you may just create exactly what you needed. You can also just test out your ideas and see what works since you have unlimited tries for free. The tool is free to use, but you can subscribe to skip out the queue waiting times even though it’s not that long. CF Spark Art Generator really works fast. The subscriptions start at $12/month.

AI-generated graphics are suitable for journaling, stickers, bookmarks, postcards, posters, greeting cards, and any other application where visual artwork is used. They are frequently employed in advertising, the development of picture references for 3D art, the design of backgrounds for desktops, websites, or videos, as well as when one just wishes to produce original works of art.


GrowthBar can be a very useful tool for creating online content. This tool uses AI copywriting and SEO functions to research SEO and create basic outlines for your content. You can use this to speed up your content creation process. It’s not the most advanced tool out there, but it’s cheap and fairly reliable for what it is.

Article Forge

Article Forge uses AI together with deep learning to create completed blog articles out of a few keywords. Using this tool can save a lot of time, especially since a lot of the time those articles can be published without any editing needed. The texts are unique and naturally flowing, so it’s impossible to recognize that it was written by AI.


Peppertype works similarly to Article Forge, as it creates content using AI and deep learning. You can have a library of different article styles and use that to create new content based on that, in only a matter of seconds. You can use this to create even short descriptions of different products on your website.


This is a tool made for novel writers that can create new paragraphs of text for your story. You enter text and Sudowrite recommends how the story could continue. This text can be used as inspiration, or even just be added as is. Writing novels can be really exhausting for your creativity, so something like this might save you quite some time.

Canva text-to-image

This is yet another tool that generates images out of text. You can create different types of designs, even social media posts, and logos, while also using already-made designs as inspiration. Its AI is a bit inferior to CF Spark Art Generator, but as Canva also offers its own design tools, it can still be a very useful tool for creating art.


Yet another content writing tool, Frase can help you save a lot of time when creating content for your blogs. Using Frase, you can create basic outlines for your content and research what readers really want to know about the topics you write about. It’s pretty light in features, but it can get the job done if you use it correctly. This tool shouldn’t be used to write complete articles, it should be used to create basic ideas about what you should be writing about.

Paragraph AI

Paragraph AI is a writing assistant tool based on AI that can be used on your phone. There are a lot of tools for web browsers that can help save time with writing text, but there is a limited amount of them available as phone apps. If you spend a lot of time writing on your phone, you should really check this one out.



QuillBot was created as a paraphrasing tool that changes word orders, to protect texts from being recognized as plagiarism, or to just make the sentences sound better. With time it evolved into a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, etc. At its core though, it’s still an AI-based tool that paraphrases your texts to make them better and more unique.

Hyperwrite AI

This tool can become your personal writing assistant for any occasion. Hyperwrite AI uses the latest AI technologies to recommend to you what to write anywhere you want it. If allowed to, this tool can create a database of your personal data, so with time, it can learn to write just as you do. Hyperwrite AI comes as a web browser extension, so you can access it on any website.

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