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We all know that an SEO link is one of the most crucial factors to consider, especially when it comes to off-page SEO blog optimization. It’s safe to assume that if someone discovers your link in a search and clicks on it, they’ll be taken to a page that doesn’t exist, resulting in a Problem 404 error.

It’s a horrible user experience as well as a bad experience for your blog. Because the next time they come across your blog in a search, they’ll be less likely to click, and the sooner they can avoid it, the better. Letting know your visitors that you are working on your website can assure them that you are still active. The plugin that can do that is WP Maintenance plugin.

How to install WP Maintenance plugin?

Activate the Plugin

Once you order one of the WP Maintenance packages, you will get an email containing all of the key information. Then go to and authenticate your account there.

Manually install the PRO version.

If you’ve been using the free version, go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins and deactivate and remove it. The PRO version will then be available for download and installation.

1. Visit the and select the “Download Plugin” option in the top panel to get the newest version of the plugin.

2. Proceed to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin in your WordPress admin section.

3. Select the ZIP file you previously received by clicking “Choose File.”

4. Install and configure the plugin by clicking the Install button.

5. Enable your plugin by going to Settings -> WP Maintenance.

6. After that, you’ll need to create a new license to use the plugin.

One of the biggest reasons so many website owners and developers like to use WP Maintenance is because of its effectiveness. You probably don’t have a lot of time to make a maintenance page as you have more important things to do. This plugin is designed to help you get productive in just a few minutes. Most people don’t look into plugins like this one as they think they will need to do a lot of coding. It is the total opposite of this plugin.

They offer more than 20 professional premade themes. They also provide more than 3 million premium images. All you need to do is choose one of them and apply it on your website. The importance of SEO is something everyone should know. Even if your website isn’t completely built yet, you should be sure that the search engines can find it. WP Maintenance has that in mind and helps you to optimize your WordPress website from the get-go.

You don’t need to worry about lagging and slowing down your website. There is an SEO analysis that will show you how your WordPress website is ranking on the search engines. WP Maintenance plugin will also show you your SEO score so you can know how far or close you are to 100 points.

To grow and improve your business even more there is a feature that can help you add email forms. That means that whoever visits your website and sees the maintenance mode page will be able to subscribe to your email list. Be sure that you also have the WP Force SSL plugin installed as it will help you protect any private information.

If you are designing a website for someone else you can share a Secret Access Link with them. In that case, you and them will be the only ones seeing the website as it is behind the scenes. Any visitor coming to your website will still see the maintenance mode. Cooming Soon & Maintenance Mode is another similar product that can help you add counting down until your website is live again. This is an excellent feature if you are rebranding your website, or promoting new products or services.

The great thing about the WP Maintenance plugin is that you can enable and disable maintenance mode whenever you want. You can also choose which pages you want to have under the mode and which ones you want your visitors to be able to see. The PRO versions offer a plethora of different features. While using the drag-and-drop feature you can design your theme.

Create a unique theme that will suit your WordPress website and brand the best. They also allow you to modify and premade themes and make them more personalized for your website.

WP Maintenance plugin offers different advanced features and options that can drastically help your WordPress website. It doesn’t matter if you are working on your website or you are developing it for your clients. Putting the website under maintenance mode will optimize your website even when some pages are hidden.

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