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What Players Can Do in World of Warcraft Besides Leveling


For many players, World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG that has a common game story and to get to the most interesting aspects of the game you need to pump as quickly as possible in any way and grab all available quests in order to reduce the time of obtaining the maximum level 70 Dragonflight to upgrade.

WoW character

In fact, Wow is a deeper project, and some of the players of the ego mechanic will miss so much that they will not even strive for the maximum level, but will begin to engage in one of the most enjoyable activities for themselves and will not strive for the top level, having their own comfortable supply of gold and experience.

If you postpone the active development of your hero and Blizzard will introduce a new addition and, say, increase the maximum level to 80, then you will not have any problems in order to achieve it with the help of quests and pumping, or you can simply order the wow boosting service SkyCoach and get finished character within a few hours.

The service guarantees anonymity and controls all the actions of a professional player who will be involved in pumping, and provides all the necessary security measures so that the client’s personal data does not fall into the wrong hands and there is no interference from the game administration. At any time, in case of a disputable situation, you can return all invested funds.


What to do in World of Warcraft

If you plunge deeper into the study of the World of Warcraft universe and the Dragonflight update, then you will be surprised how many active mechanics it has that can diversify or direct your gameplay in the most comfortable direction for you.

Things to do:

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Gathering resources
  • Crafting items


In any case, the basis of leveling in World of Warcraft will be quests – you can follow the settings laid down by the developers, or you can ignore and develop your hero in alternative ways, or not level at all and focus on extracting gold or resources.


Grind is a way to level up by killing a large number of monsters. To achieve this, you need to find locations that best suit your character and have opponents with a weakness to your type of attack. In such locations, you can mine gold and resources, gain a level, and even knock out weapons and armor, if you’re lucky.

The main thing is to keep track of the difference in level – your enemies must be several levels higher than you, otherwise there will be no effective pumping, no real chances to knock out something valuable.


Fishing is an alternative profession that does not require special slots and is available to all players without exception. You just need to find a good place for fishing and buy a fishing rod in advance. It should be remembered that the rules of the World of Warcraft act in any case steadily, and you can be attacked by representatives of the enemy faction, or aggressive monsters if they get in their eyes.

You can simply enjoy the process of catching fish and catch two kinds of floating creatures:

  • Ordinary – needed for cooking and preparing dishes that will increase the characteristics of all heroes who try them.
  • Special – a type of fish that are not suitable for food and are used only for grinding into reagents and use in alchemy and inscription.

World of Warcraft


Cooking – allows you to cook dishes from meat and fish and endow everyone who tries them with special characteristics, the strength and time of which depend on the quality of the ingredients and the skills of the cook himself.

An experienced culinary specialist can cook feasts – set up analogues of a buffet for a large number of players with the opportunity to earn money on their craft and help large guilds and large groups of players before difficult raids and large-scale battles.

Gathering resources

You can choose one of the professions related to finding and extracting valuable resources and use them to level up the professions of creating items, or making equipment, weapons and other types of useful things.

You can master:

  • Skinning – you need a carving knife. You skin slaughtered animals and transform it into leather, or sell it to tanners.
  • Gathering Herbs – You gather herbs and plants to sell, or use in alchemy and first aid to create offensive and defensive potions and bandages and strong antidotes.
  • Mining – requires a pickaxe. You find rocks on the game map that you can mine and get ore and gems. The ore is required by blacksmiths to smelt ingots and craft weapons, armor, and tools out of steel. Gems are suitable for jewelers to create jewelry and stones with stat enhancers.

Crafting items

You can choose profession options and engage in the manufacture of items by pre-preparing your own resources for production, or buying them on the marketplace.

What can you choose:

Blacksmithing – the creation of all types of steel products, armor and weapons, helmets and shields, tools. At the same time, it can drill nests in weapons and armor so that the jeweler can insert stones with amplifying characteristics.

Leatherworking – allows you to use the skin to make light armor, bags and clothing items for the potential of the character, or representatives of his own and other professions.

Tailoring is a unique profession that does not require related skills to extract resources for yourself. Consumable items are knocked out of monsters, which are converted into threads and then magical equipment, bags are made to expand the number of inventory slots and carrying capacity.

Alchemy – allows you to use herbs and reagents to process them into elixirs and potions of various kinds. A good alchemist can make burning potions and apply debuffs and damage over time.

First aid is an alternative use of herbs and plants. You will be able to craft bandages to stop bleeding, strong antidotes, and remedies that will help restore your character’s health, or increase overall regeneration.

Jeweler – is a master who works with precious metals. Can craft jewelry that will increase your overall magical defense and chance to block a debuff. Produces gems with boosts of a specific stat that can be slotted into empty slots in weapons or armor. Can craft cages to catch rare elementals.

The Scribe is a master of scrolls and working with reagents. Produces special recipes, focusing on which many artisans create their items. Uses his skills to create magical staves. Reagents can be obtained by fishing, or by searching for special items on the Dragon Isles.

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