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Top 6 Benefits of EV Charger Installation At Your Business

Top 6 Benefits of EV Charger Installation At Your Business

Implementing an electric charger in your business site will help you get one step ahead of your sustainability goals. Not just this, it will be a great boost for increasing your business customers, retaining your existing employees, and gaining traction in the business world. This comprehensive guide will cover all the benefits that installing an EV charger brings to your business. They will definitely help in faster EV adoption. So, let’s explore all of them in detail below.

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6 Benefits of Installing An EV Charging For Your Business

Here are the top benefits of offering EV charging for businesses by installing charging stations Austin.

1. Happy Employees

Providing low-cost or free charging to your employees at the company premises will help you raise the employee satisfaction level. It will reduce the range anxiety of the employees and reduce the hassle of making the drive to the charging station every time they want to charge their vehicle. Moreover, you can attract the emergency working from home with this attractive incentive to return to the offices.

2. Working On A Green Brand Image

The presence of EV charging in your company premises will showcase that you are moving on a greener path in the market. All your employees,  stakeholders, customers, and investors will know that the company is committed to making a difference in its approach when it comes to sustainability, protecting the environment by reducing the carbon footprint, and tackling rising pollution. Through EV charging the company will be able to take a social responsibility and promote sustainability in the industry.

3. Attract Talented Personnel

Today, the young generation is pretty concerned about their efforts and their effect on the environment. So, by installing proper EV charging stations you will be able to attract the best young talent to your company by showcasing to them that you care about the environment and working with the best efforts to safeguard it for the current and future generations.

4. Generate New Revenue Stream

You can install the chargers and collect a service fee for offering the EV charging to the visitors to your company. This will allow you to generate a passive revenue stream through these charging stations.

5. Tax Incentives

Several governments across the world offer rebates and incentives to encourage people to invest in the infrastructure of charging stations and install them at their properties. Within Austin, you can enjoy a rebate of $1500 on a Level 2 (OCPP-compliant) independent EV charging station at your company premises.

For plug-in charging stations, the rebate for a Level 2 charger at an existing construction is $4000 and $ 2500 for a new construction.

6. Future-Proofing

With the rise of EV popularity, a huge chunk of the population will shift to these vehicles. So, offering EV charging at your company will allow you to future-proof your business by staying updated with the trending technology.


The Bottom Line

Here are the top benefits of offering EV charging at your company premises. It enhances the company’s image, attracts and retains talent, and can be a competitive edge in the capricious marketplace. By supporting the transition to electric mobility, you can position your brand for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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