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Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) Scheme

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You may be able to apply for an enterprise pass if you want to set up a business in Singapore (EntrePass). Find out more about the criteria for applying for an EntrePass, the process, and other information you need to know.

How about an EntrePass?

The  EntrePass Singapore is meant for international serial entrepreneurs, inventors of high-quality and experienced investors wishing to start up their firm and move to Singapore. This is part of Singapore’s strategy to recruit talent and create a regional corporate center in the nation.

How can I get EntrePass qualifications?

You must: To qualify for an EntrePass:

  1. Be 21 and older with suitable skills and experience
  2. Have an enterprising and inventive company concept that can create local jobs
  3. Be prepared for your new business in Singapore
  4. Register your firm as a private limited company in Singapore
  5. At the time of your EntrePass application have a business not yet incorporated or under six months old
  6. Hold at least 30% of your prospective company

In addition to the aforementioned, in one of the three following categories you must fulfill the following minimum eligibility criteria:


  1. Your firm receives at least S$100,000 from a non-profit corporation (PPC) or angel investor legally recognized by a government body in Singapore
  2. Your business is fostered by a Singapore government-approved incubator or accelerator
  3. You have a well-established business and business network


  1. You have intellectual ownership
  2. Work for a Singapore-based institute for higher education and respectable research.
  3. You have a record of outstanding achievements in your main expertise(s)


  1. You have a record of strong investing

EntrePass is not suitable for enterprises under the following categories:

  1. Cafés, hawker centers, courts of food
  2. Bars, nightclubs, lounges with karaoke
  3. Foot and massage reflexology
  4. Chinese traditional medicine (TCM), acupuncture, and herbal medicine
  5. Employment and Geomancy Agencies

Which papers must I request an EntrePass?

  • A completed application form for EntrePass
  • Documentary proof showing under entrepreneurs, innovators, or investors you have fulfilled one qualifying criterion
  • a company plan as required (Get your business plan framework here)
  • A picture was taken in the past three months with a passport
  • A copy of your passport’s personal information page
  • Documentary proof of your former job(s) or company’s (s)
  • If applicable, copies of education credentials

You must submit the following extra paperwork if your firm has been incorporated before your application is filed:

  • A copy of the current business profile of your business

In order to further strengthen your EntrePass application, these extra papers would be helpful as well.

  • Agreements on Licensing
  • Agreements with future consumers and/or suppliers
  • Important certifications for products
  • Support for well-known persons/externals
  • A copy of the latest bank statement of your firm

How do I file my application and how long is it going to take to process it?

Your application for EntrePass and supporting documentation must be submitte by an over-the-counter submission at any Singpost Branch to the Singapore Ministry of Public Works (MOM).

An EntrePass application takes around eight weeks to evaluate with MOM and government-partners or government-related organizations such as the Singapore Standards, the SPRING, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and SGInnovate Standard, Productivity and Innovation Board.

How can I know if my EntrePass is authorized and how can I pick it up?

Once your application is accepted, MOM sents the In-Principle Approval letter, which is in force for 6 months from the date of issue, to the Singapore address indicated on your application form.

You will need to be in Singapore to collect your EntrePass with a copy of your letter to the IPA, your passport, and any additional IPA papers needed. A one-time entry visa to enter Singapore to retrieve your passport if necessary.

Pass a medical exam and report when you collect a visa in your IPA letter. You can choose for the medical examination in an established hospital or clinic in your country of origin or upon arrival in Singapore. Please be aware that the medical report must be in English and must be submitted together with the medical exam form in the IPA letter filled.

You must move to Singapore within 6 months of the approval date after the final IPA approval letter has been received.

I’ve requested an EntrePass, however, my firm in Singapore has yet to register. When am I supposed to do that?

Until your EntrePass is authorize, you are not oblige to register your company in Singapore. If your application is refuse, it protects you from paying business and relocation costs when you incorporate your firm after your EntrePass is obtaine.

You must establish your business, create a bank account, and inject the necessary share capital within 30 days after the letter when you have received the IPA letters from the authorities.

You must update EntrePass with MOM once you have registered your firm, before you receive your final authorized EntrePass.

Please see our Singapore Company Registration Guide for further information on how to register your company in Singapore.

I’ve got an Entrepass successfully. Can I have my family in Singapore to live with me?

With the EntrePass you can go to Singapore by applying for the Dependent Cards with your family (spouse and unmarried children under 29).

Dependent passes given to EntrePass family members are valid for the whole EntrePass validity and can be renewed together with the EntrePass.

You have to fulfill the EntrePass holders’ Year 2 renewal conditions to be eligible for Dependant’s Passes for your family member (for more details see “How do I renew my EntrePass?”). It takes around 16 weeks for Dependant’s Passes to apply.

For an EntrePass, I was rejected. What am I supposed to do?

You may lodge an appeal within 90 days of your notice of dismissal if you have been refuse for EntrePass. Appeals are generally dealt with within 8 weeks by EntrePass.

You may be able to appeal to a professional company (please refer to the next question for details).

How can I get my EntrePass application from a competent company?

Your EntrePass application is supporte by an experience professional firm:

  1. Ensure you have completed and completed properly all needed and supporting papers in your application to minimize delays and maximize application acceptance.
  2. Preparation on behalf of you, in the form and on the basis of the information you have supplied on your company
  3. On your behalf, you will submit and follow your request status. The company may examine the causes and appeal with the authorities if require if your application is dismiss.

Please note that in the process of EntrePass requesting examination and ultimate approval by governmental authorities, professional companies have no jurisdiction.

Can I apply to my EntrePass to stay permanently in Singapore?

EntrePass holders shall be subject to the authorization of the immigration authorities in Singapore and shall be eligible for permanent residency (PR) in due course.

You should prove that you operate a successful and creative company when you apply for PR and do not become a financial burden for Singapore.

Visit EtntrePass FAQ page and the Ministry of Manpower website for additional information about the EntrePass system.

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