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Read Amazing Facts About Custom Kraft Packaging

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Is Kraft packaging something you are interested in? If so, then read on. This blog will provide all the details about Kraft packaging that you need to know. To start off, I will first explain what Custom Kraft Boxes are. And how they can be used for a variety of purposes. Next, I will discuss its different types and uses. Finally, I’ll conclude with some information on Kraft paper stock weight and measurements. So, let’s find out!

What is Kraft Packaging?

Kraft packaging is a type of paper that has been coated in Kraft. An adhesive made from hiding glue, gelatin, or starch. This type of paper is primarily used as a protective coating for products such as food items, cigarettes, medicines, etc.

It is a cost-effective and ecological packaging solution, and because of that. It is used to fulfill various product’s packaging needs. And you will easily find various products packed in Kraft packaging.

What are Products That Need Kraft Packaging Boxes?

The Kraft paper packaging boxes are used for many products. For example, Kraft packaging is perfect for packing food items such as vegetables and fruit. Because the Kraft box protects them from damage while they’re being transported through long distances or when they’re in storage.

Kraft boxes can also be used to store cigarettes and other tobacco products so that these don’t get damaged. During transportation which causes unwanted costs like lost product weight due to spillage or broken packages of goods.

Finally, Kraft cardboard cartons may hold medicines requiring protection against moisture, dust, insects, etc. These types of Kraft shipping containers have closure on top with sealant tape (security strip). The adhesive tape on this type of Kraft box helps to reduce the chances of tampering. And other scams that can be caused by packaging tempering.

Other than these products, these packaging boxes are very beneficial to pack. Many other items like jewelry, apparel products, gift items, and leather products, etc.

What Are the Types of Kraft Packaging?

There are many types of Kraft packing, including Kraft bags, sleeves, rolls, and sheets. Which differ in their thicknesses depending on how much protection they offer against water penetration and moisture.

  1. Kraft Bags:

It is lightweight and comes with the option of being sealed using staples, heat sealers, or impulse hot stamping.

It may be folded for transportation, making them a convenient form of Kraft packing material to store. Another advantage is that these Kraft boxes are inexpensive. They do not require many raw materials such as paper and ink.

They also provide superior moisture protection due to their water-resistant qualities. However, if not handled properly, these Kraft sleeves give very little protection against dirt. Although this has no effect on food goods.

  1. Kraft Sleeve Boxes

These are two Kraft packaging materials that are used in the Kraft sleeve box. They can be made out of corrugated paper or a Kraft board.

Essentially, these types of boxes offer more protection against dirt and moisture. Than Kraft bags do because they have a rigid exterior surface with an inside layer that is water-resistant.

The downside to this type of Kraft package, though, is the poor visibility through their opaque material. This means the product may not look as good when selling on retail channels. This also makes them unsuitable if you want your customers to see them. What’s inside before purchasing your goods online via eCommerce platforms.

  1. Kraft Display Boxes

These boxes are Kraft paperboard with a glossy exterior and are typically used for retail displays. Such Kraft boxes can be made in either standard or custom shapes. So you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you need something specific.

In addition, these Kraft packaging types offer more transparent material. This means your products will look better when being displayed on the shelf at retail stores. This also makes them ideal for companies. They sell their goods online via E-commerce platforms since customers can see what’s inside before purchasing it.

The downside, though, is because they are easy to open and resealable. This type of Kraft box may not provide enough protection. Against dirt and moisture as well as other risks like theft or tampering with contents.

  1. Kraft Window Boxes

This Kraft packaging is made of paperboard and has a Kraft window on the front which allows for easy viewing. This type of Kraft box may not be as durable compared to other Kraft boxes. But it’s excellent if you need something that can showcase your products better without compromising. Protection against dirt, moisture, or risks like theft and tampering with contents.

The downside, though, is because they are relatively flimsy in comparison to other types of Kraft boxes. This one would require extra care when handling so as not to cause any damage.

  1. Kraft Bakery Boxes

These types of boxes are Kraft paperboard boxes but with some other types of Kraft packaging features. This type can offer the same level of protection from dirt and moisture, as well as risks like theft. And tampering with contents that typical Kraft bakery boxes do.

This crust bakery box is designed for heavy items, so it’s perfect if you need something durable. To keep your products safe in transit without being crushed or broken by any external forces such as rough handling.

The downside, though, to this type of Kraft packaging is they are more expensive than regular Kraft paperboard boxes. Because customizing them would require additional costs on top of what a standard Kraft. Paperboard boxes might cost your business.


After reading this blog, now you will have a good idea about the Kraft packaging boxes. You know what they are made from, what their uses are. And what kind of boxes are available in the market. Now can choose a perfect kind of Kraft box packaging depending upon your business needs.

But, keep in mind, do not go for a newbie packaging partner and always choose a renowned. Packaging companies like Impression Ville who has vast experience in making these Kraft packaging. An experienced company always has the edge over a newbie because with its experience. It can deliver more accurate results to its clients and can help to boost client’s business.

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