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Modern Life and technology


Modern life and technology are inextricably linked. Just as science and technology are directly related to each other, so too. Science is the discovery, the practical aspects of its various theories and formulas are called technology. In other words, the equipment, energy, and materials used for production are called technology. Using technology, people enjoy various products made by technology and using various techniques, people have become modern. Thanks to technology, if the yield in agriculture increases, we will be able to travel by land, water, and sky with the help of buses, trains, planes, and ships. With the help of telephone, telegraph, radio, artificial satellite, computer, mobile, I am getting the opportunity of unimaginable communication or entertainment. Technology has made it easier for people to control their air conditioning, wash clothes, cook, move up and down stairs without breaking the stairs. So modern life cannot be thought of without technology. All the pleasures and comforts of Maban’s life are being accomplished with the help of technology. Whatever is destructive is also for the benefit of technology. The character of technology is global. That is why the whole world has become a ‘global city’ today. It’s like modern life – modern people – modern world.

Necessity of Technology:

The need to use science in the provision of necessities of life is a long-standing human but modern technology and engineering are not more than two hundred years old. England was the first to assimilate and apply this science, technology, and applied science. The spread of technology led to the Industrial Revolution there. Various types of equipment change people’s lifestyles. It began to be used in other countries and quickly spread around the world. But the western countries are the main carriers of the industrial revolution. The more advanced a country is in the field of technology, the more developed and modern it is. Science and technology go hand in hand. Even today he does not stop walking. Modern man has become more modern by inventing new technologies and putting them to work in practical life.

Advance level of technology:

The first age of technology was the steam machine. This led to a shift in slow transport and communication systems. Technology was also used to produce crops. Low cost, low labor, low harvest This was the condition of the first era.

After the discovery of electricity, a new era was created in the history of technology. The revolution in the industry took place in the practical technique of electricity. The second era began. The establishment of new industries and the products produced by them revolutionized the way of life of the people. In fact, the people of the world have become modern people since the age of electricity and the second age. After the electricity, the wheels of the factories started moving, the fans turned, the planes flew, the steamers, the motors started moving. People gained a new life – modern life. However, in addition to human welfare materials and products, the technology in Google is also used in the production of weapons. In this era, the Western countries competed in the construction of armaments factories and the production of armaments for use in the Great Wars and for the suppression and domination of conflicts between states, and for the protection of borders.

The third age is the age of electrons, protons, and solar energy. Technology has made this era stronger. Not only powerful, but technology is also controlling the lives of modern people in the modern world. Technology is now the controller of modern human life. Agriculture, industry, education, health, construction, architecture, banking, communication, transportation, information – all triumphs of technology. In sleep, in awakening, in war, in peace – in a word, modern technology is now the constant companion of man in life and death.


Technology is dependent on all aspects of life in this 21st century. The skyscrapers that have sprung up in the city, the buses, cars, taxis that we travel in are the blessings of technology. Jugantar has also introduced steam, electricity, and nuclear-powered rail and steamer transport systems. Thanks to technology, electric lights are burning in every house, fan, heater, radio, TV, fridge, VCR. VCP, elevator, air conditioner, computer running. The use of calculators, typewriters, photocopiers, faxes, computers, etc. in offices, courts, commercial establishments, newspaper offices has also become possible with the help of technology. Technology is the main driving force of production in the industrial areas, now the cottage industries in the rural areas have also been touched by technology. In agriculture, various agricultural implements ranging from mill plows are being used for tillage, seed sowing, weeding, harvesting, harvesting, threshing, threshing, etc. Electric sprinklers are being used for irrigation. The medical system has also become largely technology-dependent. Technology also plays an important role in harnessing the energy that scientists are using as an alternative to energy. In a word, technology is the main foundation and support of the modern age. Automation has started a new chapter in human life in modern times. The combination of electronics and technology has created unimaginable devices like computers and robots. The role of technology science is also behind all the groundbreaking successes starting from entertainment.


Development and modern life are not possible without the spread of technology and knowledge. Therefore, Bangladesh also needs to move fast on the path of technology. No more falling behind. We have to take appropriate steps to make our young students proficient in this science. In the end, the technocrats will put the country on the ladder of modernity.

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1 Comment

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