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Learning Is Power

Learning Is Power

We learn during our life. We learn different things, from first words to understanding and meaning of many actions and their results. We get professions to work and to earn money. Money makes us think faster. As they say, money makes the world go round. After the daily working day, we are tired, and nobody is willing to learn something new. Learning should become a habit such as a gym or online blackjack games. We think many people have thought that they would have learned new languages or new professions if they were younger. Unfortunately, time does not give us this opportunity. So why not proceed now?

We used to live in a society having one profession and one job. Some sneaky people might have several jobs in the same profession. Nowadays, lifelong learning is a new concept for all people. This concept is conquering our life. As we mentioned before, we are learning all our life. The right question is what for and what we are going to get from it? Our knowledge is our experience. theory without practice is useless. It is like dreaming about something special for yourself. Unfortunately, the answer everybody knows about learning a new profession. Because you are not needed in the previous job or you lack money as the employer won’t pay more. Or even because of the artificial technology that can do anything better than a human as it has the access to any kind of information in the world.

It is all about the money. That is why if you still think that you are not created for learning we will show you how you can persuade yourself and cope with the barrier inside your head. That might be useful for you to obtain something that you really need or even what you always wanted to know.

Lifelong Learning

“Lifelong Learning” first was mentioned at a conference in 1968 at UNESCO. A little bit later one French politician wrote a book about learning. In that book, he described the need for educated people around the world. After almost every conference at UNESCO, most of them were finished with the phrase that the world needs more educated people, and more knowledge to create a better world. You can check them online from the main website of UNESCO.

Today, conversations about lifelong learning are heard more and more often. The amount of information is growing, digitalization is penetrating all spheres of life, and new professions are emerging. We have to constantly learn new skills in order to comfortably exist in a changing world. We have added some options why it is useful for our brain and how it might influence our life.

Helps at work

There are many different jobs around the world. First of all, you should know that every day is a new day with new data. If you are a manager, you learn many new habits of different people to sell the goods. Or you are planning your working day and working in the organization. After hard work that might last for years, the employer can see your hard results and give you a promotion. It is working mainly in all spheres.

Expands the network of social contacts

A new sphere opens up access to a new community. People with similar professional interests can be found on forums or social media communities. On the courses, you can get acquainted immediately with well-known experts who teach classes. In the courses, you can get acquainted with different people from different places. If you share your experience with them, you might get a valuable key to some future problems.

Maintains mental health

When we learn something, new neural connections are formed in the brain, and this, in turn, helps to resist many diseases. Scientists from the University of Cambridge found that each additional year of study reduces the risk of developing dementia by 11%.

Affects the psychological mood

Studies have shown that people who adhere to the concept of lifelong learning are more likely to feel happy. It is not about the concept, it is about learning itself. Learning something new and something interesting always brings positive emotions.

Increases self-esteem

The more we learn, the better we cope with difficulties and the more confident we become. Do not forget that our life is created when someone owns something. It is good to know the reason for some actions, even if your friends do not understand it.

How To Start When You Are Adult

An adult learns differently than a child. This is more difficult for us, including due to the fact that we get all incoming information through our experience.

Choose a learning format. It should be right for you and correlate with the goal that you have set for yourself. You should know what you want to learn and how to achieve that goal.

Make a plan. It is essential to cope with laziness and other negative habits. Besides, a good plan can help you to get more useful information.

Fix and supplement the material. One book is a good start. But two or three books are better. Do not forget that theory without practice doesn’t work at all.

Record your progress towards your goal. So that studying is not a burden, you should not take advanced courses right away. It’s better to increase the difficulty gradually.

Make your learning a habit. A good habit always brings benefits.

Find a friend. If you are starting something new, it is always easier when you are cooperating with someone.

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