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Intranet Implementation – How Does the Introduction of Such a System Affect Internal Communication?


The dynamic development of technology and new possibilities that go with it have led some companies to switch to a hybrid or remote system. Regardless of the number of employees, each organization requires proper coordination and team management.

That is why new IT systems that significantly improve company’s operations are being developed. One of the most effective ones is Intranet, a platform used to communicate and support business processes. What characterizes the system and how does the implementation affect the internal communication of the company?


What is an Intranet?

The professional Intranet system is an online platform that facilitates cooperation and access to documents and databases. It is a tool that can be easily integrated with other systems already used in the company. The introduction of this system allows users to share their knowledge and information about the performed activities and final results of their work. Moreover, a platform tailored to the individual needs of the company provides a possibility to share information about current projects and their modifications. It also collects information about the employees themselves – the schedule of activities, holidays, and any other data important for the proper functioning of the organization. Ideo Software, a company with many years of experience in the IT industry, offers the intranet implementation based on a ready-made, trusted framework. Each client can choose modules according to their own needs – as a result, specialists will be able to implement a platform that fully meets the presented expectations.

Intranet implementation – introduction of the system and its functions

To successfully implement the Intranet, and for the system to conduct the assumed functions and met all the objectives, specialists have to take several steps. The first, and at the same time one of the most important, is pre-implementation analysis. Together with the  client, we determine the needs of their business, starting from the specifics of the organization’s functioning, and ending with identification of areas for improvement. This provides us with an up-to-date picture of the company, allows for choosing the most appropriate solutions, and determining what functionalities should a system have to meet the needs of a given company. After collecting all information, specialists prepare and present the final appearance of the platform, which, after prior approval, will be implemented and made available to all employees.

Depending on the nature of activities and individual needs, the Intranet functions as informative system, enabling data collection in one place; communicative system, accelerating communication between employees; organizational system, within which specially designed modules on finance, accounting, and matters related to company’s structure optimize work; and business system.

Intranet and internal communication

Internal communication, especially in the case of remote work, is extremely important factor. Thanks to the implementation of the Intranet designed based on the in-depth analysis, there appears an excellent opportunity to improve the company’s functioning. Employees gain a clear and easy-to-use tool for sharing and storing data and communicating. The exchange of information is much faster, and any doubts can be immediately verified. As a result, there is more time to perform other important activities and shorten and optimize everyday tasks, but above all, it builds healthy relationships based on mutual respect within the company.


Intranet for the company – the most important benefits

Improving internal communication is one of the main benefits of implementing the platform. Using the system gives many other possibilities – both for the company itself, for the management, and individual employees. The already mentioned reduction of business costs, increase in work effectiveness, efficient document workflow, intuitive and fast generation of reports, improvement of project management and human resources processes, and easier joint projects are just some of them. Regardless of the chosen module, it is possible to improve the work of the company, contact between employees, and cooperation with the most important business partners.

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