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How to Perform 50+ WordPress Security Tests in Under a Minute

The internet is a wild place. Everyday users believe that it is a safe space and that security breaches are a rare occurrence. That is simply untrue. Online Security can greatly vary between websites and potential threats lurk around every corner. That’s why if you are trying to run a website or an eCommerce business, online security should be your imperative. Not only for your own safety but also for the safety of your visitors.

Visitors and customers that realize your website isn’t secure are likely to never return. So if you want to continually grow your website, you have to take care of online security first. But the reality of the situation is even experts would have a hard time spotting it at a glance security issues.

That’s where online security tools come in to help. They provide a much-needed service because now everyone has access to online security from the comfort of their office. While some services would still require a dedicated specialist, these tools are perfect for web developers that use WordPress to pursue their own goals.

And when it comes to WordPress security no name is as recognizable as Security Ninja. With over 11 years of experience, it is a time-proven tool that helps you shore up WordPress websites from any potential threats. Not only has it survived the rigorous test of time, it still serves a loyal user base of over 10,000 people. There are quite a few indicators of quality for online software. But no indicator is as strong as longevity and popularity.

What is Security Ninja?

In the simplest terms possible, Security Ninja is an online security tool that scans your website and notes down potential issues. It pinpoints threats to your online security and shows them to you so that you can fix them as quickly as possible. It’s a blazingly fast tool, as we can witness in this video, that can scan your entire site in under a minute.

Then it presents you with the results, which can range from simple plugin updates to active malware on your website. The free version provides you with a strong malware scanner, but you can also upgrade to a pro version that enhances your online security even further.

What can Security Ninja do?

Any online security needs to start from a solid base. That base should always be a strong firewall. Security Ninja provides firewall protection that can block millions of malicious websites. It does so by actively maintaining blocklists for dangerous websites and spam accounts. Every day Security Ninja updates its list so that no new threats may slither into your website.

You can also get involved in setting up Security Ninjas protection by actively blocking dangerous countries, and users who’re trying to forcefully log in, you can even block suspicious requests. Every website that uses Security Ninja is connected through a blocklist. So if anyone tries attacking one website, they’re automatically blocked on all the others.

If you’re unsure how secure your site is, try using the Security testing. Security Ninja offers it to both free and pro users. It scans your entire website for possible security issues. From outdated plugins to weaknesses of WordPress itself. With over 50 security tests you’ll know precisely what parts of your website are creating vulnerabilities.

The key feature of Security Ninja is definitely the Malware Scanner. With just one click you can scan your entire website for malware. And unlike other online security systems, Security Ninja does it in less than a minute. It goes through all your files, taking thorough notes of what files are supposed to be there. In case there are some false flags on your own files you can even whitelist files and folders.

That way the scanner won’t factor in personal data in its assessments. And the best part, of course, is that all the unwanted and dangerous files will be promptly deleted.

WordPress is a long-standing website with many plugins to keep it up to date. But malicious attackers evolve every day. That’s why you need Security Ninja’s Core Scanner. This scanner searches through core files in your WordPress installation folder and makes sure everything is in order.

This may seem trivial, but it helps massively after your website’s been hacked. It’ll double-check that hackers haven’t planted anything and that your data isn’t being gathered.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to manually scan your website. But even then Security Ninja has you covered with its Scheduled Scanner. All you have to do is set it up at regular intervals. And if anything were to happen to your website Security Ninja will automatically notify you via email.

Even if all is well, you still need a way to keep track of what’s happening. By using the Events Logger feature, you’re getting a written record of anything that should catch your eye. That way you’ll have solid proof if anyone tries to breach your security or try to scam you. No matter who interacted with your site, they’ll be visible with Security Ninja’s event logger.

Another feature Security Ninja offers to everyone is the Vulnerability scanner. This feature through your plugins points out their problems. That way you can update your plugins to remove the risky code. This is an important entryway for hackers to attack your website so make sure to scan for vulnerabilities regularly.

How does Security Ninja interact with other plugins?

Security Ninja as an online security plugin has to have perfect integration into WordPress. And it’s no surprise that Security Ninja is seamlessly compatible with any plugin you use. But some might doubt that when it comes to more complex tools such as MainWP. Yet even then Security Ninja functions perfectly. In fact, you can use Security Ninja on MainWP to avoid separately installing it on every website you own.

A quick reminder for newcomers, MainWP is a plugin that streamlines the management of multiple WordPress websites. Perfect for upcoming web developers who want to spread their influence as far as possible.

In conclusion, if you want your website to succeed you need to make it safe and secure. With Security Ninja, you’ll be able to build a strong firewall, detect vulnerabilities and security breaches, and even test the state of your security. If you still remain unconvinced, why not try it for yourself?

After all, Security Ninja offers access to a free demo. Take the chance and test it out, because missing out on such a security plugin would be a terrible shame.

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