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How to monitor your brand, campaigns, and influencers across social networks

If you are sick of barely handling daily tasks and most realize that you waste time waiting on your competition to see whether some methods perform well or not, all you need is Other Perspectives. When it comes to digital marketing, especially in social media, there are certain daily topics and worries. One of them is enforcing an enhanced marketing strategy that delivers better results than it has yesterday.

Social media marketing can sometimes be considerably overwhelming, especially from the aspect of insights and monitoring of the brand and campaign. Finally, don’t worry – the good news is here.

With Other Perspectives, you will always keep your competition in sight, see what works and apply it to your work. It lets you get deep insights inside a dashboard that is very easy to grasp. The tool enables great monitoring and viewing of the stats that your competition shares through their promotion channels. In other words, you will never depend on your rivals to share what worked best for them.

In-depth reports will give you all the information you need. Moreover, you can even customize the reports, as well as download them and simply give your clients, and staff a sense of an extra dose of professionalism. Having a custom logo on the report along with the smart use of graphs and charts will surely impress your customers.

Competitive analysis is on the other hand very helpful if you need to create a modular dashboard with the necessary KPIs.

Social pages require benchmark analysis as well. To make a strong digital strategy, people use this tool to evaluate and benchmark the pages. Characterized as an all-in-one tool that precisely assesses the analytics for the major players in the game such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., this tool is gaining popularity around the globe rapidly.

Setting up a simple dashboard that will lay out data beautifully takes just a few minutes and is much appreciated because so it makes you quickly understand what’s going on. The self-explanatory nature of the graphs and charts utilized will be very helpful too.

The rule is quite simple: smart decisions – fruitful campaigns. You will even be able to in-depth analyze the audience, meaning you can know exactly who they are. Many users will confirm that you will easily understand how the interests, affinities, and preferences of your customers change over time.

Nonetheless, different user- profiles recognized the power and capacity of the tool early. Lately, it is becoming a great choice for marketing agencies, content creators, and even social media managers. The goal is to catch the most viral content your competitors use, which gives you an edge and ensures you remain a step ahead.

Don’t be surprised if experts and professionals with other backgrounds recommend you the tool and believe that it made them significantly grow their audience within a year without a single investment in advertisements. Ask journalists or motivational speakers who managed to create viral content for their social media platforms.

To conclude, Other Perspectives stands for a super-powerful social analytics tool that provides a deep insight into all you need to successfully monitor your brand, campaigns, and influencers across social networks. The main reason behind the use of the tool is what matters the most to marketing, and that is to grow social presence, and improve performance while improving content creation strategies.

Stay ahead of your competition and always be among the first to get to ways to success. Multiple custom dashboards with the preferable KPIs to analyze what your competition does the best in terms of marketing.


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