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How to generate SSL certificate for WordPress

SSL Certificate

Encrypting data from readable text into coded text – we call encryption SSL, which is short for Secure Sockets Layer. This means the coded text is readable only by those with the key to decode the data. In addition, SSL enables completely secure communication through computer networks. Still do not fully understand what SSL is? In simpler terms, you are probably familiar with various data and identity thefts in the age of digitization. Sometimes thefts are just attempts, while sometimes they are totally successful. If you have a site protected by SSL, you can sleep peacefully. Why? SSL makes it possible to securely send confidential data over the Internet because the data is first encrypted and then sent on. Thus, SLL has the task of protecting private information and financial data.

What is SSL & why do you need it on your site?

In the short introduction, you had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the term SSL certificate and what it really serves for PTA.


As the business world moves more and more online, there are a few things you need to know. In the last couple of years, large companies have often struggled with anonymous people who try to steal personal data, financial data, or anything about their clients. These are certain situations that you should think about. And you should also take preventive measures so that this does not happen to you. In anonymous online theft, you never know who the target is. Today the target can be a huge company, while tomorrow target can be a random person.

An SSL certificate will provide you with the highest possible level of data protection. It is crucial to install an SSL certificate on the webserver to ensure this secure connection between the client and the server. An SSL certificate is installed by simply verifying the identity of the website. This means that you are creating a safe environment for your visitors where they will be sure that they have not visited a fake website.

How much does it cost?

SSL certificates are issued by certification houses (CA – Certificate Authorities) that determine the accuracy of information sent to them by individuals or organizations when requesting SSL. The choice of certification house depends on the individual. Also, it should be emphasized that there are several types of different SSL certificates.


When we talk about the prices of SSL certificates, we can say that the prices simply vary. Many factors influence the formation of the price itself (such as additional services and time), and the issuer of the SSL certificate itself. Some average lowest prices would be $50-$200 per year.

Looking for a recommendation for an SSL certificate issuer? It is definitely The leading and one of the hugest domain name registration services in the world will offer you a lot – from the highest level of security to additional services that you will accept without knowing that you ever need them. Prices start at $35.99, which applies to some basic plans. The SSL certificate comes with the site’s TrustLogo seal and a $10,000 security guarantee. Also, the good thing is that you can ask your hosting provider to install an SLL certificate for you after purchase.

Can I get SSL for free?

As we have already emphasized a lot of the advantages of an SSL certificate, you must be wondering if there are still website owners who do not have one. Of course, they exist. A common reason for rejecting an SSL certificate is its payment. Website owners try to avoid additional costs, and then what happens? They become a target for hackers to steal data. Is there a price for which you would give your information? It wouldn’t be said. But you must know that there is an alternative for everything. There are also free SSL certificates.

WP Force SSL Certificate

You may or may not already be familiar with the non-profit organization Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is an organization that aims to help website owners get a free SSL certificate to avoid the problems we’ve already mentioned. The Internet is not a safe place today, but it should be. This organization is here to help you, which has certainly been recognized by some leading companies and platforms like WordPress, Google, etc. The main problem is the difficulty of installing a free SSL certificate. The problem comes during installation when you encounter coding and server systems.

WP Force SSL plugin

WP Force SSL will help you create a secure environment for yourself and your website visitors in no time. SSL will provide you with reliability and security and best of all, you will see the results on the spot. There is, of course, what you were afraid of – finances. With this plugin, you can get a free SSL certificate, which means that saving time and money is on your side.

WP Force SSL

If you have an SSL certificate, on your card you will see the most important information, such as – the issuer, validity date, who it belongs to, and whether the certificate is valid. You can always see the latest information by clicking refresh certificate information. Using this plugin, you will very easily get a free SSL Certificate. You are literally one click away from it. You must follow the instructions you have because hosting plays a huge role. While we’ve listed a lot of good stuff, do you want to hear the best one? If you opt for WP Force SSL, your certificate will be regenerated every 90 days while the plugin is installed. Too good, right?


The best conclusion would be that at the time of digitalization you have to do everything to protect your life online. Here is an article that will solve many of your problems and the problems that can potentially occur. So – don’t waste time and start now!

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