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How to Create Best Product Videos for SaaS Marketing

How does video marketing for SaaS work? It might seem a little overwhelming to you if you are not experienced in SaaS product videos. But it is not. It is a very simple process when you have the right guide and follow all the steps to create your first product videos for SaaS. Forbes statistics say that 88% of companies have used or encouraged remote work during the pandemic. This has led to increased use of SaaS products in the past 3 years, and marketing these products has become even more important.

According to reports, the SaaS product market is set to reach 208 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. The growth is leaps and bounds, and the competition is very heavy in the market. Every niche now has thousands of products, so if you do not market well and make dynamic product videos, your product may soon become irrelevant.

From new product features to new SaaS launches, SaaS marketing videos can be of multiple types. In this article, we will try to help you understand the right steps to creating the best product video for your SaaS marketing plans. Read on to find out.

Steps to create a product video for SaaS marketing

We have tried to simplify the process for you. Follow the below-mentioned steps to crack your first product video.

1. Understand your target audience and their need

What is your customer base for your SaaS product? No product in this world is for everybody; this is a very wrong concept. You need to figure out your base audience to know what they desire.

You can also conduct a customer survey to know what kind of features they desire from your software or app. Then customize your script according to your audience. Make the type of video content that your customer wants to see. Remember, the customer is king, and you must cater to them directly. In case you intend to place your product internationally, then make sure to translate your videos accordingly. That way, the audience from big foreign markets will be able to understand your videos better and make the purchase.

2. Check out the product videos of competitors

Every SaaS product has its own product videos. If you want to make your own, check out your competitors. Go on a SaaS video platform to see the kind of videos others are making. You can always take inspiration from them but never copy them. In fact, Google itself has guidelines against scraped content.

The idea is to be part of the trend but also have an edge in your video like the others did not have. That is the only way your video will be set apart from the huge influx of marketing videos floating all around us.

3. Decide what type of message you want to send out

Decide your tone of voice before doing the video. Every brand has a message they want to send out to its audience. If you want to be conversational, you want to be direct, or you want to be formal and just show your product and have no interactions. Or you want to ask for suggestions from your audience.

You can use different tones, but make sure you choose one and stick to the same tone throughout the video. You can not change your tone in mid-video; that will make people lose faith in your content.

4. Write a detailed script

Do you need a SaaS video maker to make your product video? You need a good script with every detail outlined and some basic tools. Your script must include the video’s narrative, what captions you want to use in each frame, and what audio or voice-over will go with the video to describe the top features.

You must write the script frame by frame, and at the end, you must also add a Call to Action (CTA) like, “Join us, download the app, visit our website, click on the link below, read our bio, and more.”

5. Always have a product usage video clip

When you are trying to sell your product, make sure you showcase the product in use. This will help you highlight its top features, page navigation, important highlights, and more. This will also make the content more relatable when customers see the SaaS product being in use.

You can record a GIF of a certain product feature, or you can screen record the whole product walkthrough and add that. Just use a simple, easy-to-use screen recording software to record your software while someone is using it. With a good screen recording option like Movavi, it only takes a few minutes to get going.

Scroll down through the page, be it an app or website, and specifically highlight the most important features that will be the selling point of your product.

6. Design and edit your video

No matter what your product video type, make sure you edit them. Do not publish raw and unedited videos. These raw videos lack clarity and look unprofessional. You can download an easy-to-use app and do some basic editing on your video.

Video editors will allow you to add captions, frames, audio notes, and more to make the video more interesting. If you design the video property, it can become more engaging, and you can edit and club together multiple short videos or GIFs to make a wholesome product walkthrough.

7. Make sure your video is SEO driven

Did you think that SEO is just for written content? This is a misconception. You can make SEO-driven content on all kinds of media; even video content can be SEO-optimized. You can add keywords in the title, tags, and video description to make it SEO-optimized. This will help more people see your video and improve your product outreach.

You can also optimize your thumbnail because that is the first thing that anyone sees in your videos. Make sure the thumbnail is eye catchy and gives people a reason to click on your video.

You can write down transcripts for your video; they are the textual equivalent of your video is written article form. They’re excellent for those who would rather read than watch a video. They also aid in the easier indexing of your movie by search engines.

Parting Thoughts

If you follow this guide, you can easily make SaaS marketing product videos that will help viewers get converted to real customers and users. Video making no longer has to be a nightmare when you take inspiration from the easy steps we just mentioned.

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