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How to build a stunning coming soon page 2022

Coming Soon

The best plugin to build a stunning coming soon page in 2022 is the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin. This plugin is used by many professionals because of the advanced and innovative features it provides. Something that makes Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode stand out from other similar WordPress plugins is the fact that once you purchase it you can sell it as your service. That means that you can give this plugin a new name and change the logo, text color, and CSS.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

While you can do that, the main purpose of this plugin is to allow you to create a stunning coming soon mode page on your or other people’s websites. If your job is building websites for different clients, you can manage all of their websites from one centralized dashboard. You can check traffic statistics on the easy-to-navigate dashboard. This will help you have a realistic look into your analytics.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin offers a lot of SEO-related features. They allow you to see a real-time SEO snippet preview. That means that you will be able to see how the website is going to look when someone is searching for it on a search engine. You can also use the SEO analysis and include meta descriptions.

WP 301 Redirects

The worst thing anyone can see on your website is the 404 error. WP 301 Redirects is an excellent plugin that can help you redirect any broken link and page to a working one. In case you want to exclude or block the search engine from seeing the coming soon page you can easily do that in just a few clicks.

Those who use Google Analytics to see their website’s statistics can simply connect it with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin. In case you want to make sure everyone knows who the author of the website is you can install Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box

If you don’t have time to spend trying to create a coming soon page for your WordPress website from the beginning, you can use some of their premade themes. Their theme designers made sure that every niche can find a theme that will suit their website. Those who decide to purchase a PRO license will get more than 170 themes.

In case you want to be in full control of how the coming soon page looks you can do that by designing the layout from the scratch. The best thing is that you can do all of that by simply dragging and dropping features you want to use.

Coming Soon Themes

Make your maintenance page look even better by designing a background. This WordPress plugin allows you to choose between an animated video background or a static image. You can choose everything from the background image size, decide on which of the 27 filters you would want to use, and pick the color and video source. To make sure that everyone who comes to your website and sees the coming soon page knows that they are on the right site, you can design and add your logo. If you already have one you can simply upload it.

Coming Soon Layout Builder

Another way you can make your page more professional and help your SEO is by writing content. If you would like to you can even film a video and upload it. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin can help you grow your following even when you are working behind the scenes. Simply add the email subscription form and collect emails or add social media icons so anyone who visits your website can contact you.

Adding a countdown can make your visitors excited to know what will they find on your website once it is completely done. Take advantage of this innovative feature if you are rebranding your website, or offering a new product or service.

As you can see from this article the list of excellent features that the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin offers is endless. If you are currently working or are going to work on your website in the future, this is a plugin you need to install. You can count on EcDev Studio for help with developing the best website page.

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