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How The PrognoCIS EMR Patient Portal Stands Out


The world of healthcare changes every single day. New advances are created, innovative techniques are explored, and pioneering software is created. In this day and age, these innovations have been primarily due to two things – a drive for better patient engagement and a desire to incorporate better technology. So how do these two work together? 

One way that we see this come together is through the increased use and offering of the patient portal software.PrognoCIS EMR is software that believes in the growth of such interventions, and so it also offers a portal. This portal is one that stands out when viewed in comparison to other options. So, what is so special about this tool on its own? 

There is no doubt that this patient portal feature is incredibly special. It comes with its own distinct additions, tools, and benefits. In this article, we will be giving an in-depth look at the world of the patient portal, particularly with a focus on PrognoCIS. So if you’re looking to change EMR, or want to learn more about this software, keep reading this article! 

The Role of Patient Portals 

Patient portals are not a new feature but have gained a new sense of popularity that seemingly did not exist before. It is a form of patient engagement that utilizes technology. The patient portal does a lot of things, which benefit both the practice and the patients themselves. Ultimately, the idea behind it is to be an interface that patients can use.  

One of the biggest ways that portals are used is through the management of tasks. Portals can be used to reduce the workload on practices, and at the same time, make data accessible for patients. However, despite the obvious benefits this tool has to offer, there are still many patients who don’t seem too enthusiastic about the idea. The question is, why? 

Although we will dive into the issues with portals further into this article, it is important to understand that patient portals are vital. Especially in this day, as more and more patients come to expect openness with their medical data. The portal is a bridge between the healthcare facility and its patients, and so its place in the industry is cemented for good.  

The Impact of the PrognoCIS EMR Portal 

Just like EMR, patient portals are not one-size-fits-all. Different kinds of portals offer various different kinds of features and tools, and it is important to think about that. You want to know what you are signing up for when you make the decision to explore a patient portal further. Remember that portals can even be created for differing practice specialties and sizes. 

When you use a patient portal from PrognoCIS EMR, it helps to improve your efficiency and productivity across the board. This happens for a multitude of reasons. You can spend more time interacting with patients, and they are more likely to come back for a visit. You can also reduce the workload on your front desk staff, who no longer have to set up all patient visits.  

The PrognoCIS portal is also an asset for practices to have because it allows you to manage communication. Whether you need to keep up a connection with patients after a visit or want to coordinate better with your staff. The software helps facilitate communication in all ways to help ensure you can build lasting bonds with everyone who steps foot into your practice.

Features In The PrognoCIS EMR Patient Portal 

One of the biggest features you will find through the PrognoCIS EMR portal is the availability of feedback mechanisms. You finally have a chance to peel back the curtain and connect with your patients on a completely human level. Your patients also feel like their concerns are being heard. Whether about their health or your management style. Their voice matters.  

Modern patients want access to their health information. The software helps make this happen by creating a portal just for them. All they need to do is simply sign in and view any and all data they are curious about. They may even be able to see doctor’s notes. You can also add information relating to their health on the portal so it can offer knowledge as well. 

Finally, a major feature of this software is how it facilitates sharing. Patients have a chance to talk to their doctor if needed, which can prove to be extremely helpful. If they have any minor concerns, they can just use the portal to ask questions instead of making another trip to the practice. Ultimately this makes things smoother for everyone involved.  

Why Don’t Patients Use Portals More Often? 

There still exists some hesitation around the use of patient portals in general. This is because some portal software can be extremely laggy, slow, and frustrating to use. When you use PrognoCIS EMR on the other hand, the software is completely optimized. It is designed to improve the patient experience and to never impede it in any way.  

Final Note About PrognoCIS EMR

In this article, we talked about the various aspects of the PrognoCIS EMR patient portal. There is no doubt that the use of portals is gaining traction, and is bound to increase even more. However, software like PrognoCIS can combat hesitancy by providing the smoothest and easiest software experience. This can make a huge difference for practices.  

If you are intrigued by this software and want to read more about it, you can take a couple of steps. First, read through PrognoCIS EMR reviews. Next, you can contact the vendor and ask for a PrognoCIS EMR demo. The vendor can even give you an estimate of the projected PrognoCIS EMR cost so you can be prepared about its place in your practice. And if you need more, check out EHR implementation and data migration services.

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