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Did Helen Hunt Have Plastic Surgery? Truth or Rumors

Helen Hunt Have Plastic Surgery

From Mad About You and What Women Want to Twister, there’s no denying that Helen Hunt has been a tour de force on screens big and small for decades. She got her start as a child actor in the ’70s.

Everything that goes on in Helen Hunt’s life is always a topic of conversation. For example, fans are often curious whether or not she had any plastic surgery.

Rumors are starting to swirl that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her features. Some fans speculate that she’s gone under the knife, but it is unknown whether this is true or not.

We took a look at the previous and after images of the Oscar-winning actress to get to the bottom of this ongoing rumor.

Actress Helen Hunt Was Involved In A Car Crash In 2019

2019 was a big year for Helen Hunt. Her classic ’90s sitcom, Mad About You, was revived for a new season, and she starred in a thriller film called I See You. She also acted in an episode of The Politician, directed by her. And lastly, Helen Hunt starred in World on Fire, a British war drama. In December of the year, while she was filming the show, fans received some surprising news when TMZ reported that the legendary actress had been involved in a terrible car accident.

Hunt was riding in an SUV that tried to drive through an intersection when it was hit by another vehicle. The impact caused the SUV to flip and then crash, which took Hunt to a close-by hospital.

The severity of the crash prompted some fans to speculate that the actress had been mangled and injured. Still, thankfully, one of her representatives told USA Today that she was recovering at home with “no major injuries.” Still, it sparked some new rumors about her appearance. It was also the catalyst for more stories about whether or not she had plastic surgery.

Helen Hunt’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

For years, fans have speculated that Hunt has gone under the knife. These speculations intensified in 2019 when World on Fire aired. Viewers on social media quickly weighed in about her appearance–particularly her face.

One fan tweeted, “What is up with Helen Hunt’s face?!” Another fan said that they had become distracted from her by her appearance.

Her role in I See You prompted similar reactions, with one fan tweeting, “OMFG, watching the movie ‘I SEE YOU.’ Helen Hunt’s facelift is shockingly TERRIBLE, to the point where it’s frightening.”

She is known for playing the role of Jamie Buchanan on Mad About You. In a recent TV revival, viewers were quick to note an unnatural appearance, with many questioning if her skin could ever look flawless.

On the one hand, maybe her face looked bigger because of the camera? Or, on the other hand, maybe there was some weird visual effect in place that distorted her face?

Gossip Cop dug up some red carpet photos of Hunt from over the years to see if we could spot a change in her appearance that was noticeable in her recent on-screen work. Here’s a photo of her from 2006 compared to 2020. The 2020 photo would have been after her car accident after she shot World on Fire, I See You, and the Mad About You revival.

Even after 14 years, Hunt has aged considerably. Can you see the difference? Admittedly, the transition is an illusion, not a big change. Nevertheless, it should be detectable through modern makeup standards.

The smile lines around her mouth in both pictures appear to be the same. In addition, the positioning of her eyebrows and the lines around her eyes haven’t changed between 2006 and 2020.

Her jawline in 2020 may be wider than in 2006, but this does not necessarily mean it underwent a facelift.

Did Helen Hunt Have Plastic Surgery?

It’s not uncommon for people to change with age, and in fact, as is expected. Similarly- with her recent works, her acting chops are tired. There’s a valid reason to believe that she did some job on her face.

Was the change in her appearance since the 2019 car accident? It seems unlikely. Hunts representative confirmed that she had no major injuries and would have been filming the projects long before the car accident happened.

There are rumors that Hunt underwent a facelift in the past, but recent before and after pictures don’t seem to show a drastic change.

The quality of the effects can vary from person to person, but some non-invasive injection treatments have the power to help a patient achieve their physical goal. However, these injections are for temporary use and change only a little bit externally over time. Or, if a patient wishes to undergo more procedures, later on, their appearance will likely be inconsistent due to the changes made in different treatments.

But it’s not just cosmetic procedures that make your favorite celebrities appear younger. Jennifer Aniston credits her youthful appearance, plagued with plastic surgery rumors, to spa treatments like facials and massages.

There’s good reason to believe that Helen Hunt has had work done, but nothing is confirmed on her behalf. Neither the actress nor her reps have ever confirmed whether or not she had plastic surgery. She was likely able to age gracefully with a little help along the way.

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