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Avon Industrial Park has had a good start to the year, according to DEVELOPMENTWA chief executive Frank Marra, with the recent sale of five lots of high-quality industrial land and a shire committed to development, including grants of up to $1 million to attract significant employment-generating industry to the Shire of Northam.

The estate is 18 kilometres north of Northam and 116 kilometres from Perth, and is a collaboration between DevelopmentWA’s Industrial Lands Authority, the Avon Community Development Foundation, and the Wheatbelt Development Commission.

Mr Marra said, “The estate has good links to strategic transport networks, such as the Transcontinental Railway and the Great Eastern Highway.”

“With those connections, it’s a perfect place for companies serving Perth, the Wheatbelt, the Goldfields, the Mid West, and the North.”

The remaining general industrial lots vary in size from 26,844 square metres to 60 hectares, with the option to combine or customise lots to meet specific business needs.

Prices begin at $240,000 (plus GST), or $5.13 per square metre.

All Stage 2 lots have access to power and scheme water, as well as broadband internet.

Northam Shire is accepting grant applications through its Industry Attraction Fund (IAF).

Via investments of up to $1 million in value, the IAF aims to attract new companies to the region and assist existing local businesses in significantly expanding their operations.

“With the possibility of receiving up to $1 million in shire funding, companies would find it easier than ever to relocate to this high-quality regional estate.”

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