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Google Chat Now Warns You About Suspicious Links

Google Chat Now Warns You About Suspicious Links

Google has recently announced a new security feature to keep its users safer. Google Chat will now alert you to suspicious links in messages that might link to phishing or malware downloads.

Phishing scams can lock you out of your device or result in identity theft, for those who are unaware. Malware attacks, on the other hand, are growing more frequent, successful, and expensive, much like ransomware.

Google also said the alert banners “help protect users against malicious actors, keeping data safe.” The poster appears at the bottom of the message in red and says “This invite is suspicious.” You can block whoever sent you the message, or you can accept the message. It is completely your choice.

This feature is also available in Google Drive and Gmail. Your data on Google Drive and Gmail is now also protected. This feature is also available for both personal and business accounts.

In the coming days, users will have this option activated by default. This feature will be available on both the mobile and online versions of Google Chat.

This is undoubtedly a life-saving feature at a time when virus attacks are common.

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