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Essential Tech For a Startup Trucking Dispatch Business


There’s never been a better time to start a truck dispatch business. With over 4 million truck drivers on the road and transportation, manufacturing, and retail companies calling for services, truck dispatchers are in an enviable position. Starting a trucking dispatch business can be a challenge and will require energy and effort; however, the results of careful planning and diligence will lead to long-term growth and success.

Before considering tech tools for your truck dispatching business, you’ll want to structure the framework of your business overall. Included in your trucking business plan should be your mission and objectives, research of competitors, assessment of the target audience, and a financial projection, among other elements. With this framework, you’ll be able to approach lenders or investors for funding, if needed, and track the growth of your truck dispatch business in the years ahead.

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After completing your business plan, you’ll want to consider essential technology tools that support a truck dispatch business in multiple effective ways. Choosing the best trucking dispatch software involves doing some homework as you consider what’s best for your company. Although it may be tempting, the price shouldn’t be the primary driver in choosing the right trucking dispatch software.

Trucking dispatch tech includes all or some of the following:

  • Ease of use: integrated systems and clear platforms for daily use
  • Operational features: scheduling/dispatching, time tracking, communication, task management, personnel management
  • Features suited to the size of your company rather than number of trucks or employees
  • Compatibility with a trucking business niche
  • An established base of positive customer reviews
  • A customer service team that is approachable and service-oriented

Trucking dispatch software offers a variety of features; consider which features you want and need based on preferences or customization of your truck dispatch business.

The following software options are favorites of the truck dispatcher industry; however, if this is your first glance at tech for the trucking dispatch industry and you are considering ownership of such a company, you’ll want to consider first how to start a trucking dispatch business and build out the specifics of ownership after that.

1. All-in-One Trucking Dispatch Software

All-in-one trucking dispatch software manages employees and contains every essential truck dispatching tool within one platform. This type of software includes employee scheduling, offers GPS tracking and sends real-time reports from the field. This software will also manage employee transactions and task oversight. Features include:

  • Scheduling: Assign routes, provide special instructions. Set shifts, repeating shifts, or open shifts can be scheduled. Platform send notifications and reminders.
  • Smartphone capability and GPS tracking: Accurate time tracking allows employees to clock in and out from smartphones, tagging a real-time timestamp and GPS location. Software checks routes and utilizes bookkeeping programs to export timesheets and payroll.
  • Real-time reports from the field: Send and receive reports, such as truck repair requests, for fast integration of repair or replacements.
  • Task Management: Allocate tasks to truckers, including reminders and updates.

2. Truck Routing and Track Vehicle Software

These tech platforms offer management of routes for trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and more. The software removes the need for mobile communication; offering contact and updates for real-time information regarding vehicle location, route progress, and late or missed stops.

3. Truck Dispatch Technician and Project Software

This essential tech typically offers a one-window view into an overview of projects in process and the technicians serving each project. Time slots and time estimations are included in the software to allow the dispatcher to know when trucks will be available and when jobs will become available to pair them together. Dispatching duties are handled with ease and can be manipulated to conform to changed plans.


4. Tech Solution Software for Large Companies

Using a highly visual dispatch board, the software makes it easy to visualize the responsibilities of the entire team at a glance. Individual work orders can be accessed to acquire more detailed information, which is helpful. Also included are maps that include routes and clickable-work orders to see works in progress.

5. Tech Software for Onboarding and Customer Relations

Online dispatch software allows customers to book services via a mobile software option, creating an excellent feature of this software. This simplifies the process, eliminating a manual phone call, and effectively utilizes the software systems. A customer database is included, adding to the ease of the dispatcher in locating contact information and related projects. Jobs can be created or removed in a “clickable” format for ease of use.

There are numerous ways to effectively add to the strength of your trucking dispatch company. Adopting essential tech tools is one of them, as it offers relief from mundane tasks, informs in real-time, and tracks projects and drivers on the go. Tech tools increase the job satisfaction of trucking dispatchers, truck drivers and all those who support them.

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