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7 Ideas For Couples Scrapbooking You’re Going To Love

Couples Scrapbooking

For your couple’s special days, or any occasion you want to celebrate! Scrapbooking and custom business cards are a fun way to commemorate important events. Whether you’re gifting one of your friends, a bridal shower present for the happy couple, or creating an album for yourself, there are a lot of romantic scrapbook ideas posted on the site.

1: Falling For You

We’re in love with this layout from American Crafts! This design uses bright and bold scrapbooking papers and lovely embellishments to give personalized documentation of a holiday with someone or a fun day out. It’s super easy to personalize with your own scrapbooking stash and a great one for beginner scrapbookers!

2: Simple Memory

To remember those amazing dates and trips down the road, set up a photo layout with adhesives, quotes, and sprinkles. The end result is incredibly easy and so sweet.

3: Sail Away

For those globe-trotting couples that have a bucket of pictures of their favorite destinations, why not start their own travel scrapbook to document their best experiences across the world?

If you are looking for amazing layouts to help you plan your holiday, use these great nautical-themed ephemera from High Fashion Essentials now.

4: A Wedding Cake

A wedding scrapbook is a magical way to archive your memories of the most special day of your life! Make sure you remember the little details of this day forever – from the dress to the flowers to the one cake that really matters: your own wedding cake.

5: Home Sweet Home

Celebrating the move to your first home together, remembering a past house filled with memories, or documenting a snowy winter’s day, Echo Park Paper will fuel your inspiration by providing their home sweet home layout. Pick out an image of your home, or collage together some of your favorite memories in the house to create a delightful page spread.

6: Valentine’s Day

Watch as this Valentine’s Day scrapbook layout is pieced together – using mini envelopes, quotes, cards, and other elements. Whatever you like could make this layout your own!

7: Family Festive

Creating a set of scrapbook layouts enables you to document your first Christmas together. With these ideas, you can mix in different colourful elements that suit the mood, such as gaming with your family and watching the snow fall on Christmas day. There are plenty of different seasonal scrapbook layout templates for inspiring your own creative winter layout.

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