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Best CRM for Digital Agencies


At some point in a business’s life, the customer relationship management (CRM) software will have to be seen as an important part of the business’s day-to-day operations. By using a customer relationship management system, you will be able to keep communication open and clear across all channels and track the flow of transactions from open to close.


It will let you take care of all your clients in one place, saving you time. Since your business has grown, it’s no longer a good idea to try to keep track of everything on a single Excel page. It would quickly become impossible to do so.

If you know what you’re looking for, the 5 best CRM for digital agencies, it will be much easier to choose one. Choosing the CRM that will work best for your business isn’t always easy or quick, but the process will go much quicker if you’re ready. Here is a list of the most important things that an organization should look for in a customer relationship management system:

The Hub Spot CRM


Hub Spot CRM users don’t have to pay any subscription fee is one of the best things about this product. Using Hub Spot’s sales, marketing, and service hubs gives you access to more features. However, these hubs cost money, so if you need to integrate them, ensure your budget is well thought out. Because the company’s sales, marketing, and support operations are all in one place, Hub Spot users have access to a wide range of extra services. Hub Spot is one of the best CRM (customer relationship management) tools today.

This software lets businesses get sales leads through integrated inbound marketing, record emails, and phone calls, and keep a detailed timeline of how a lead turns into a client. Besides this, it also has a great marketplace for integrations. Thousands of businesses use Hub Spot because it allows larger companies to connect with and help their customers. Before considering any costs related to getting started, agency partners can choose packages, with the lowest starting price being $400 per month.



If you want to ensure that your accounting software, like Xero, Free Agent, or QuickBooks, can talk to each other well, you should give Capsule much thought. It is also one of the best customer relationship management systems for agencies. It is popular because it can build relationships with clients, keep track of new and pending business agreements, and manage projects from when they are first thought of until they are paid for.



Pipedrive says that after their customers used their platform for a year, the average number of closed sales went up by 28%. It’s easy to make unique pipelines and stages, automate processes, and track revenue and team performance with dashboards that can be changed to fit different needs. All of these errands might be done in a short amount of time. Pipedrive works with the contact lists and calendars you keep on Google or Microsoft, and syncing takes less than a minute. In addition, you can choose from more than 150 connections in the Pipedrive applications marketplace.



If your business already uses Google Mail, Drive, and Calendar a lot, Copper should be your next best friend. On the other hand, Copper can be found anywhere and used instead of these things. Copper is one of the open and honest customer relationship management systems. It helps organizations keep all employees on the same page as the sales process continues. It includes looking for new business opportunities, closing sales, and keeping relationships with your most important customers. Copper has a great user experience (UX) that makes it easy to keep track of all project information, tasks, and calendar invitations. You can be sure that nothing will be missed because of this.



A customer relationship management (CRM) system combines marketing, sales, and project management into a single computer platform. It can hold a maximum of 100,000 entries, 2,500 email accounts, and 10 gigabytes of file storage space. Insightly Plus is the next step up. It costs $29 per user per month and gives agency teams project management with pre-made task templates. This extra perk is included as an extra reason to sign up. Members of Insightly Plus have access to this extra feature. Insightly stands out from its competitors because it puts more weight on automation, data, and productivity than many other CRMs. It is one reason why it’s so well-known. It is one of the things that has helped Insightly become more popular.


When all of these 5 best CRM for digital agencies are met, the benefits of using a customer relationship management system go beyond helping small businesses and start helping agencies. Here are nine of the best customer relationship management systems (CRMs) that your business can use, whether it specializes in digital marketing, design, SEO, or something else. You can keep track of your customers and prospects with these CRMs.

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