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5G impact on 2025


Communication technologies, like other technological fields, are rapidly evolving. This adventure, which began with GSM technology, is continuing with 5G technology. 5G technology, which is advancing at a rapid pace, has yet to be introduced. People are, however, naturally curious. Experts believe that this technology, which is about to reach our lives, will demonstrate its efficacy.

As you might be aware, the advent of technology into our lives has resulted in certain shifts in our understanding of time. We’ve progressed to the point that we can do every job quickly thanks to technological advancements. However, as technology advanced and people became more used to it, a faster communication infrastructure became essential. Internet speed has become increasingly important, especially after the introduction of smartphones into our lives. Then we learned about 4G networks. However, let us state right away that 4G does not meet the performance demands and does not completely meet the needs. Now we have 5G, which excites us because of its speed.

The infrastructure for 5G technology has yet to be built globally. The explanation for this is that the process of information technology transition takes time. South Korea will be the first to use 5G, and the country will lead the way in this technology. However, analysts believe that by 2025, this technology will have had a significant impact on our lives and will have changed many aspects of our lives. Some of these changes are as follows;

Vehicles that are more intelligent

We encountered smart versions of a variety of items. Smart cars are one of them. The automotive industry has undergone several changes as a result of the advancement of sensor technology. These sensors were used in cars with features like parking and automatic driving. We wouldn’t be mistaken if we said that 5G technology would make smart cars even smarter.

Since automobiles would be able to communicate with one another and control traffic. The aim of these vehicles, which will run completely autonomously, i.e. without human intervention, is to reduce traffic congestion in major cities.

Cities that are smarter:

For the development of artificial intelligence technology, a strong communication infrastructure was needed. With the 5G infrastructure that will fulfill this need, smart cities and homes will be on the agenda. From traffic control to resource planning, AI systems will run cities.

In reality, energy efficiency can be achieved by using smart power networks in cities to schedule consumption. Similar systems can continuously track the security of cities.

Telephones that are extremely quick

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. It’s aggravating to have speed issues when watching videos or playing games on your tablet. The mobile industry will undergo significant changes as a result of 5G technology.

There will be many developments with this technology, which will completely change the way people think of mobile devices, such as low latency, high bandwidth, and ultra-fast data transfer. A data transmission rate of 10 gigabits per second is required. Let us state right away that the current communication system has a speed of 1 gigabit per second, despite the fact that it is incapable of reaching this speed. Delay and freezing of the image are expected to disappear, particularly during video conversations or live broadcasts on social media.

The use of augmented reality applications will grow.

AR applications, or augmented reality applications, are high-resolution applications. As a result, the speed factor is critical in these applications. AR device use areas can expand as 5G technology is implemented. Almost all of our possessions will be equipped with small cameras. Because of the speed offered by 5G technology, the data collected from these cameras will be processed in seconds and 3D images will be created. As a result, augmented reality devices will be available in more places.

There will be advancements in the medical industry.

The health sector is one of the industries that will be impacted by 5G technology. Doctors will be able to remotely operate robotic surgical devices in real-time thanks to the system’s quick communication infrastructure. It is anticipated that these applications, which would revolutionize the health sector, will offer solutions to many diseases that are currently incurable. 5G technology has the ability to break down barriers in the healthcare sector and deliver high-quality care.

It is unclear when Turkey’s 5G technology will become operational. It should be noted that the necessary communication infrastructure has yet to be built. We told you about the changes that are projected to occur in 2025. It’s unclear if 5G technology would deliver on these promises or fail, as 4G technology did. However, it seems that this is a technology that will be widely embraced and will soon become a part of our daily lives.



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