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R- Best EV Chargers to Consider For Your Vehicle

EV charging

Electrification is on a steady rise. Electric Vehicles or EVs have been the focal point of many automobile shows for a few years now and the game is only getting hotter in 2023. A lot of companies such as the good old ‘Benz and BMW have started peppering their charging stations in the United States, but the catch is that you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny to charge up your EV with them. Let’s be honest here, not every time are you going to be in the mood to drive to a charging station well outside of your house.

The solution? Get one inside your house. Wall box EV chargers are simple to install, offer maximum utility, and don’t need a whole station dedicated to them. More often than not, they also offer quicker charging than the stock ones you’ll find at a gas pump. Save time, money, and effort as you make quick work of zapping up your car with some nice buzz-buzz.

EV Charger

Of course, the EV market is pretty volatile right now even if it’s the subject of a lot of tech talk. Furthermore, electric vehicle manufacturers are hell-bent on digitalizing the AI of their cars. This means you’d need a solid internet connection to go with your wheels, sooner or later. Make sure you have all the prerequisites down before you get comfortable. Consider reaching out to the AT&T customer service number to equip yourself and your EV with one of the best ISPs out there. What good is a machine if it’s not going to play jazzy tunes or surf the internet, right?

As for EV chargers, if you’re still wondering which ones to check out then head on down below and read through our handy listicle prepared specially for you!

Pod Point Solo 3

Talk about doing your task efficiently and looking cute while doing it. The Pod Point Solo 3 is a rotund EV charger introduced towards the end of 2021 but one that maintains its popularity even today. It comes from a company that has long been in the market, providing commercial charge points and now slowly yet surely trudging into the home space. The Solo 3 comes in black and grey colorways with tethered and untethered configurations.

Additionally, the Pod Point offers WIFI compatibility to ensure it stays well-fed with updates and features. There’s even an app from the company that keeps a record of charging, and trends providing access to a web of pod points available all over the country.

Andersen A2

If you’re willing to pay for this handsome piece of tech, then go get the Andersen A2. It is second to none in style because of its Scandinavian, Ikea-like design and can be customized in various colors to blend in with your home furniture.

This EV charge point is cleverer than most pieces of tech with regular OTA updates and an app that provides regular feedback and diagnostics. To add to this, it supports all vehicles with type 2 ports and offers 3 kW or 7 kW power delivery. You could also use this sleek device when on trips because of its ability to charge via solar power. A perfect all-rounder.

Ohme Home Pro

Sometimes people want to keep it simple. They want a charger that charges. That’s about it. And the Ohme Home Pro delivers just that. Say hello to a compact wall charger with minimal functionality and maximum utility for what chargers are supposed to do. The company was gracious enough to include a vivid digital display so users can check what they need to without waiting for an app to connect. There’s also sim card integration which allows for updates to download directly; without bothering your home internet.

Electric vehicle

Myenergi Zappi 2.0

Miss the regular gas pump look of an electric charger? The Myenergi Zappi 2.0 brings you a traditional-looking pump station design but with good style under its hood. The charge point has a built-in earth rod and fuse protection. The main selling point, however, is the solar charging feature.

The Zappi 2.0 has an eco-mode that readily draws energy from your equipped solar device. It is also smart enough to make sure it does not devoid your home of solar energy. This feature works only if your solar device is producing extra energy that it doesn’t have any use for. This, instead, is routed to the Zappi, which uses it to charge your EV. Neat.


That’s a wrap on our selection of EV charge points. All the chargers mentioned are amazing at doing their job, which is why they don’t come cheap. However, if you’re already rocking an electric vehicle, chances are that price points won’t bother you…much. In any case, check these wall chargers on their respective websites and let charging headaches out your car window.

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