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Google Map Street View is coming in Mobile Phones Soon

Google Map Street View is coming in Mobile Phones Soon

In a competitive situation, Google is always the most inventive. The Google Map has makes navigating more easier for everyone. Many individuals have used the Street View tool to see their homes in the past and now. Numerous people could be seen having to work and doing their daily tasks with blur faces.

Google has confirmed another progress in the development of technology. The good news is that Google Maps’ Street View option is now available on mobile devices. Both iOS and Android users will get access to Street View images and will be able to view images of a specific location from previous years using the Google Mobile App.

Google Map Street View Feature in Mobile Phones

Everything nowadays is performed on mobile devices. This Street View image function was previously only available on desktop computers, but users have long wished for it to be available on mobile devices, as many people do not have access to computers or laptops.

But smartphones are in hands of all the people today. Mobile devices make it easy to access apps from anywhere. Many smartphone users have yet to experience the function and will be the first to do so. Their first experience will definitely be enjoyable and entertaining.

Steps to get Access to Street View Feature on Mobile

Street view may be seen on mobile devices by following a few easy steps. To see older images of a location if they are available online, iOS or Android smartphone users must hit the “Street View Image” and then click “See more dates.”

This is a great way to spend the time. Rather than squandering free time, make the most of it by playing with Google Map Street View feather.

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