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Event Venues: Using Tech to Create Success

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Technology is spinning faster than ever in this decade and, in the world of event venues, new technology is being introduced or improved upon every day. The use of technology in event venue planning or execution improves some of the most important tasks of event venue planning, such as event management software, marketing platforms and streaming services. It also increases the bottom line profitability for every event venue. In this article, we’ll look at the emerging tech tools that have optimized return on investment (ROI), improved efficiency, and increased engagement on behalf of event venues of various sizes and capabilities.

Event venues come in all shapes and sizes, from massive conference centers to intimate club lounges, and the technology that is selected must fit with the purpose and size of the venue. The owners of an event venue will often make purchase decisions in accordance with a business plan and the needed technology. If you do not have a business plan in place, use this event venue business plan for comprehensive assistance.

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Tech Tools for Conference and Convention Centers

The newest tech tools are directed to attendee interaction, moving the larger world into a single space. Using live translations for non-native speakers, registration software and a host of event management platforms, conference and convention venues can create unique experiences for thousands of attendees. Such services, often sold as packages, are well worth the prices paid to event venues. Tech such as streaming services at a large convention center, for example, offers the highest speed and dependable results, which event planners will certainly include for those dependability features. Other event tech tools now often include exhibitor floor plan diagramming software. Technology tools offered by large event venues command generous fees, along with cutting-edge performance and improved experiences for attendees.

Tech Tools for Resorts and Hotels

Favorites for both business events and celebratory occasions such as weddings, resorts and hotels rank among the most-desired venues for several reasons. Offering complete event packages, including suitable and comfortable locations, creative menu choices, and luxurious accommodations, these venues are an outstanding choice for business or personal events.

One of the newest tech advances for event venues is the use of holograms that can demonstrate concepts or educate a business audience easily and without restraints to size or creative elements. For wedding and other personal events, a popular tech addition features a digital photo booth, where guests can offer congratulations to the bridal party and select backdrops. Event venues offer tech packages for a single price, including virtual event platforms for guests unable to attend and social media tools that enhance the business or personal events. If you are considering starting your own wedding event venue using tech tools, there are excellent resources online that will show you how to start a wedding venue business.

Tech Tools for Restaurants, Breweries and Wineries

As top destinations for almost any occasion, restaurants, breweries and wineries are embracing tech tools for a variety of reasons. One of the most important tech tools introduced within the past few years is that of the QR code, which has replaced a hands-on menu in recent seasons. The QR code eliminates the need for any staff or customer to handle menus and has continued to grow in popularity. Wearable “smart” tech has also entered these event venues, with a high degree of value that provides improved communication among staff members while preparing, serving and managing group events.

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Tech Tools for Golf Clubs and Courses

Private and public golf courses typically house at least one large clubroom, enabling event planners to utilize an inviting room, provide a lush backdrop of foliage and clipped green lawns, and maintain a reasonable budget at the same time. Event venues such as these now offer tech tools such as digital photos booths, digital invitations, holograms and other tech that infuses every occasion with exciting offerings and personalized touches.

Tech Tools for City Attraction Venues

Event planners seeking unusual event venues often turn to city-specific attractions, such as an aquarium, zoo, or cultural center. While these attractions may offer fewer tech choices than those of well-known event venues, they can offer unique experiences simply by the environment and backdrop opportunities. Tech tools offered by event venues might include rentals of virtual reality headsets with 3D avatars who educate or inform attendees about the surroundings. Holograms and digital photo booths also enhance special events and may be offered by the event venues, as well.

Almost every type of event venue is implementing tech tools and platforms that are offered to event planners, sometimes at remarkably affordable prices. The tech tools of today are rapidly evolving into those of tomorrow; expect to see fast-paced and continual changes in tech that will create success in the world of event venues.

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