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Digital Solutions for Assisting Businesses in 2020


In this digitized world as everything is happening on the internet cybercriminals are also becoming sophisticated with the passage of time. Their game is getting stronger causing damage to businesses and tarnishing their reputation. Ongoing AML Check for customer due diligence has never been more important than today when cyber crimes are rising with each passing day. A sound identity check system should be deployed in the system to protect a business from cybercrimes, money laundering, account takeover, and identity theft. This scam is very commonly used to commit many other crimes which can turn businesses into rubles.  Moreover, the private data of customers is at risk too so to combat this knowing your customer is crucial. To filter customers based on fraudsters, criminals, and terrorist businesses are now using identity verification solutions to fulfill KYC regulations.

7 Ways How Digital KYC Assist Businesses:

KYC regulations for identity verification help businesses many ways to fight back frauds. Following are the ways KYC is assisting businesses:

To comply with AML compliances:

          Money laundering is a big issue and from hindering your business to be a platform for fraudsters to launder money, digital KYC solutions help to identify scammers right at the base. It helps to highlight high-risk customers so that the business is vigilant while dealing with them.

To detect identity thieves:

           Identity theft has many types like synthetic identity theft, children identity theft, medical identity theft, and financial identity theft. Identity thieves’ main target to get financial benefits using your credentials. Knowing each of your clients you can hinder such scams and save not only your business but your clients as well.

To mitigate the risk of financial loss: 

           Identity theft results in businesses losing millions due to resulting fraud. It not only causes financial loss but the reputation of businesses is also lost. 

To Trace High-Risk Customers:

By deploying these services not only fraudsters but high-risk clients can also be verified so that businesses can have a check on them. Such customers include those having any such criminal history. For secure onboarding, it is essential to have a proper screening system as clients are building blocks of any business. 

To Perform KYB for B2B Models:

After KYC, KYB regulations are also important to follow. It is mandatory to know the businesses you are about to deal with. Document verification of the other business ensures it is not a shell company. So KYB ensures that the business is authentic to deal with, saving your own business. 

To Provide Enhanced Customer Experience:

Many days and a lot of team effort are required to authenticate a person manually. It gets frustrating for clients at times, making them change the platform, resulting in businesses losing a customer. Digital KYC services identification can be performed in no time. This provides enhanced customer experience and better relations with clients. 

To Gain Trust of Customers:

Customers are satisfied seeing businesses taking so many measures to protect their identities. So by employing digital KYC solutions, customers build trust in the business. So why not opt for KYC solutions as happy clients bring successful business!

   Hence proven, KYC solutions are a must-have for business for plenty of reasons. Having a proper channel for client ID verification is a win-win situation for both businesses and customers. On one hand, it saves businesses from paying hefty fines to the regulatory authorities, on the other hand, it helps in protecting the private data of clients. It also builds the trust of clients in business reputation. 

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1 Comment

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