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Differences Between Octopus CRM and Dripify LinkedIn Automation Tools

Do you want to build a marketing funnel for your enterprise? Are you often stuck in choosing the best automation tools to maintain an active user presence on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn comes with the best automation tools to discover and reach the targeted niche and audience. Among the LinkedIn automation tools, Octopus CRM and Dripify are the one-stop solution for salespeople, marketers, business owners, and recruiters.

The Octopus CRM automates and simplifies the work with its wide features on LinkedIn, whereas Dripify helps the sales team to improve LinkedIn prospecting. Octopus CRM gives huge value to small businesses than larger businesses. However, Dripify is specifically designed for all-size businesses.

Without any more confusion, take a look and discover who wins the battle Octopus CRM vs. Dripify, to accomplish your business needs.

Octopus CRM Pros and Cons

Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automation tool for businesses to help them grow their connections in a short time. Its benefits make this tool worth the purchase. However, no matter how attractive its benefits may sound, it has some cons too. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Octopus CRM.

Octopus CRM Pros

Octopus CRM helps the brand reach customers with LinkedIn’s smart automation tool to send bulk connection requests, and messages and import LinkedIn profiles. Here are some reasons why you must use Octopus CRM.

  • Complete Automated Outreach: The Octopus CRM is an all-in-one solution that automates all LinkedIn processes to grow your LinkedIn presence. You can automatically compose and send messages and connection requests to level 2 and 3 connections.
  • Find Targeted Prospects: With Octopus CRM, you can search for the ideal customers with its advanced search filters. It allows you to get targeted prospects specific to certain roles, skills, titles, and companies. Filtering out the desired leads helps one to convert them to clients.
  • Easy Integration: The Octopus CRM allows you to upload and move LinkedIn data to CSV files easily. This easy integration with the LinkedIn sales browser helps to find new businesses and companies to upsurge contacts.
  • Customer Support: The incredible Octopus CRM support system with 24/7 service helps you out with any problem or issue associated with application usage. You can contact customer support in case you encounter any issues.
  • The sequence of Messages: With Octopus CRM, you can create message sequences and keep connected to the target audience to endorse certain abilities. It can help you convert potential users to clients.
  • Free Trial: Octopus CRM offers a free trial version usage to the users to make them feel at ease first. Business owners or other users can try the Octopus CRM automation tool before investing in a tool.
  • Secure: Octopus CRM is 100% safe and doesn’t risk your LinkedIn credentials. You have full control over your credentials and services.

Octopus CRM Cons

It’s better to get aware of the cons of the Octopus CRM and why it might not be the best automation tool for your business. Here are a few reasons why you must not use Octopus CRM.

  • No Editing Flexibility: The Octopus CRM has potential signaling with the limited editing pipeline. It doesn’t allow any flexibility in editing.
  • Incomplete Training Videos: The training videos provided with the Octopus CRM seem incomplete as they do not carry the complete information.
  • Limited Support: The Octopus CRM customer support does not have any live chat or phone support system. You can only contact the support system via email, which takes a long time to get a response.

Dripify Pros and Cons

Dripify is a LinkedIn lead generation tool with effective tools to improve your conversion rates. It is specifically for businesses that want to showcase their business models. This tool, despite various pros, is no exception and has cons too. Let’s know more about its benefits and limitations.

Dripify Pros

Generating leads is not easy on LinkedIn. Dripify offers an excellent alternative to the Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool to create a robust LinkedIn strategy for sales teams. With so many benefits, here are a few reasons why you must use the Dripify LinkedIn automation tool.

  • Easy to Use Campaigns: Dripify allows automated LinkedIn activities in the cloud. It creates easy-to-use campaigns that run on autopilot to enhance LinkedIn lead generation.
  • Automatic Sale Funnels: Dripify creates a sales funnel to keep track of LinkedIn actions, such as receiving real-time notifications and tracking profile views of new connection requests.
  • Export Linkedin Contacts to. CSV: Dripify allows you to export LinkedIn contacts with a scrapping tool to the. CSV file. With a few taps, you can get a range of important information in a . CSV file, including email and contact information.
  • Track Statistics: Keeping track of the notifications and views is easy with Dripify. The tool allows you to keep an eye on connection requests, profile views, and unopened lead texts you acquire daily.
  • Get Lead Information: With Dripify, you can get additional information regarding your personalized lead section. Which actions were performed? Watching responses, acceptance rate, comparing prior periods, and more.
  • Different Types of AB Testings: The LinkedIn automation tool Dripify provides different AB testings to link request alerts and test promos. It helps you decide which strategy works best for your business.
  • Security Algorithms: Dripify is specifically designed to keep the LinkedIn account 100% safe and secure. The security algorithms prevent the LinkedIn account from being banned.
  • Effectively Analyze Team Performance: Visit the analytics page in Dripify and effectively analyze the team performance. It contains the list of carried campaigns, statistics, and conversions.

Dripify Cons

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should hesitate to use Dripify:

  • Limited Features: The basic version of Dripify comes with limited features that do not meet LinkedIn automation expectations.
  • Compulsory Account Sign Up: You can’t access any of its features until you create an account. It is unfavorable to those who don’t want to provide any personal information.
  • No Email Sequence: You can’t create automatic email sequences with Dripify. There doesn’t exist any template to send personalized messages.
  • Only Desktop Version: Dripify doesn’t have any mobile applications and comes with a desktop version. The desktop version makes it difficult to track reports.
  • Bit Costly: When compared with other LinkedIn automation tools, the price plans of Dripify are a bit expensive. Within the same price range, you can get better options.

Why Choose Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation?

Octopus CRM is superior to other LinkedIn automation tools. It has multifunctional CRM pages where you can easily manage and store the leads easily. Octopus CRM helps you grow your business with advanced lead-generation automation tools.

It finds the target audience, adds leads, and launches campaigns with automated solutions. The powerful Octopus CRM autopilot for LinkedIn comes with a range of various features:

  • It helps to send automated connection Requests.
  • It bypasses the weekly invite limits for sending email requests.
  • You can send bulk messages to 1st-level connections.
  • Endorse up to seven skills on LinkedIn contacts profiles.
  • Automatically visit hundreds of LinkedIn profiles.
  • Manage Multi-Accounts.
  • Keep Track of campaign performance and statistics.
  • Export a list of LinkedIn profile data to. CSV document.
  • Send LinkedIn data to google docs and other apps.

The goal-achieving processes with automated actions make it the best choice among the other Drifify alternatives also. So, choosing the Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation makes it suitable for those who want to try automation for the first time.

Why Choose Octopus CRM over Dripify?

The battle of choosing Octopus CRM vs. Dripify is a very tough decision. However, here are a few factors explaining how choosing Octopus CRM over Dripify can benefit your business needs.

  • Ease-to-use Interactive User Interface: The Octopus CRM platform has a clear layout with simple controls and navigation. It makes it easy to interact with the interface. However, Dripify’s user interface is not appealing and is a bit confusing. The interface color choice doesn’t make it attractive and easy to interact with.
  • Faster than Dripify: The Octopus CRM is the browser extension that helps you easily connect to your LinkedIn account. However, Dripify doesn’t have a mobile app and comes in a desktop version. It makes accessing the reports and other features difficult and tedious for the users. So, reading the reports becomes faster and easier with the Drifify alternative Octopus CRM.
  • More Economical: The Octopus CRM is the best prospecting tool with affordable pricing when compared to the Dripify tool. If you want to experiment with LinkedIn automation and are looking for solutions, then Octopus CRM automation is available at the most competitive price.


Being a business owner, marketer, or salesperson, you should always choose the automation tools that make your marketing and advertising prospecting tasks easier. For example, LinkedIn automation tools maintain and handle your Linkedin page to outreach an audience and convert them into potential customers.

Octopus CRM helps any brand to reach and retain customers, whereas Dripify helps businesses generate leads. Which one is better, Octopus CRM vs. Dripify?

It depends on the business perspective you want to use the automation tool.

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