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Best tools for developers and teams to easily test email flows

You put significant effort into creating the best possible emails to send to customers and clients. Work on refining your subject line and customizing your form to make your email as engaging as possible. Then you send your email and simply hope that the intended recipients receive and read it.

It’s not the most professional way to approach email delivery rates. It would be a shame if no one saw your hard work, simply because it didn’t show up in their inbox. Email reachability testing is here to tell you whether your email will land in mailboxes or dry up and disappear into the spam filter. Essentially, an email deliverability test gives you insight into whether your email will successfully reach its destination.

Finally, your email deliverability test will illuminate your digital reputation. It displays your inbox and spam rates, as well as information about how your email appears in different email clients. A good email deliverability test can assess the performance of email campaigns sent from each email service provider across all major email clients.

1. Imitate Email

Imitate Email was intended to make it simple for programmers of all types to test email flows. It makes no difference whether they were generated in-house or by a third party. It also doesn’t matter if they were distributed to internal or external users. With Imitate Email you can analyze emails depending on the project, the location, and the user who sent the false email.

The sandbox SMTP server enables programmers to quickly build up test alerts for themselves, against their own or others’ programs, and for testing users. Within the widget and the web app, developers and testers can analyze their emails in HTML, text, or raw formats. It is also possible to test on both desktop and mobile. The mailbox viewer is super functional.

It’s allowing you to utilize it on both your PC and your phone which makes it convenient when you are on the go. On a smartphone, computer emails are resized so that you can view their computer form. The plans feature several projects, emails, and support for varied permissions within your business. Because the Web Widget permits SSO, Imitate Email is not exposed to your third-party testers.

2. Stripo


Stripo is an email builder that includes email testing and multiple email service provider (ESP) interfaces (including HubSpot, Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp). This email testing tool has some amazing features that can help you learn more about your email marketing. There is a library of custom modules available for usage in various campaigns.

This can help you improve your email marketing faster. All emails created with the Stripo HTML editor are responsive, so you never have to worry about how they will appear to recipients on various devices. The code validator also examines the email for problems after creating dynamic AMP emails with Strip.

3. is not your typical email testing site you can use to analyze your email flow. It is, nevertheless, still effective in locating emails that are bringing you more traffic and sales. You and your marketing team can work on projects in a unified shared workplace with You can test emails for deliverability, locate ones that work, then share the results with the entire team to ensure everyone is on the same page. also works with other email testing apps, like Email and Activities. As a result, users benefit from a solution that can be used for combined email testing and data management. has four pricing levels and a single plan.

4. Infosec IQ

Infosec IQ

Infosec IQ provides a free hacking risk assessment. It enables you to assess your company’s vulnerability to phishing schemes in under 24 hours. If you want something more complex, you may utilize its PhishSim tool to create a complete campaign using over 1,000 phishing designs. This software is excellent for security management and employee education. They provide excellent content as well as excellent customer service.

It can aid in the detection of probable phishing attacks. This email testing tool is both inexpensive and versatile. You can easily find everything you need on their easy-to-navigate dashboard.

5. GetResponse


GetResponse is another well-known email marketing solution that offers email testing. It is one of the most user-friendly and simplifies email marketing for small enterprises and total newbies. You will receive excellent automation tools in the package, allowing you to run “clever” automated campaigns. This is an amazing tool for anyone who is just starting with email marketing.

The system has a drag-and-drop builder for creating campaigns, segmenting contacts, and sending content to specified groups of registered people. You can simply develop responsive registration forms, landing pages, and A/B tests, and track campaign outcomes using GetResponse.

6. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign integrates email marketing and automation with a CRM and sales system. It includes all of the tools needed to construct the most “intelligent” marketing campaigns. It can help you analyze the email flow. As with other tools, you can rely on an intuitive email editor as well as a plethora of templates to help you create your campaigns. You can additionally segment contacts depending on their actions, location, and “behavior.”

Using merely an email address, ActiveCampaign may acquire extra information about your contacts. Before you send the email to your subscribers test it.


Email deliverability testing aids in improving email delivery rates which can drastically help you grow your business. However, this is insufficient to ensure email delivery success. You must clean the list regularly, deleting duplicate or uninterested contacts. It’s also critical that your emails deliver tremendous value, are read in a conversational tone, and avoid spammy language.

If you require assistance, contact one of the best email marketing service companies, which consistently produces high delivery rates and has a good reputation. Opt-in for Imitate email as it has the best features you would need. This email testing tool stands out from all the other ones mentioned in this article.

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