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Best Form Builder tools in 2022


You can efficiently and effectively collect data using web forms. The length, format, content type, and design of web forms vary. Your leads may easily submit their information because they are already incorporated into your website. A web form can be made in a variety of ways. Thankfully, you have access to some incredible tools.

A lead’s information is saved when they submit a form on your website until it is time for analysis. Businesses must use web forms to collect the data they require from prospective consumers. There are online forms that you can use to gather contact details, shipping details, consumer feedback, and more. Here is a list of the best form builder tools in 2022.

1. FormDesigner


You may construct online appointment and booking forms as well as surveys, tests, quizzes, and calculators with, a special web form builder. With just a little drag and drop, you can make any other kind of web form. The finest part is that you can complete it without a designer or programmer’s assistance. To appear amazing on desktop and mobile devices, they offer completely responsive and adjustable capabilities.

For diverse cases, they provide 90 prepared form templates. 30 different question categories are available for you to create and share with your followers. They also include built-in defenses against spoofing and booting. Because of the interaction with Analytic, you may discover which shape is most effective.

2. Zapof Forms

Zapof Forms

Use Zapof Forms to quickly produce effective and appealing forms. Their simple and quick form builder produces outcomes that meet even the most demanding criteria for your business. Numerous various elements, including currency, numeric, text, stylized text, custom format (phone, email, or SSN), date/time, and birthday, are available in this form builder.

There are single- and multiple-choice drop-down menus, rating scales, stars, and smiley ratings available. You are given the option to upload images, files, and photos. To create multiple uploads in a table, you can establish columns and cells that handle 12 distinct data kinds, including file and picture uploads. Create a spreadsheet with more than 500 Excel-compatible features. This enables the evaluation of intricate conditional logic and the addition of formulas to the fields.

3. Formly – Forms & Surveys

Formly - Forms & Surveys

Data collecting is made simple, quick, and interesting with Formly, which replaces traditional paper forms. With the help of this form builder, you may gather more detailed information without an online connection. You can manage your business better by doing this. Users from whom you want to gather data can be given access to pre-filled forms that you have created.

You’ll spend less time and effort creating forms as a result. You can even obtain payments from your customers via Formly, which will increase your income. If you don’t have much expertise in designing forms, you can use one of the 3000 integrations available through Google Sheets. Countless unique domain options are available.

4. Growform Multi Step Form Builder

Growform Multi Step Form Builder

Growform makes it simple to design stunning, effective forms for your company. They made sure that both desktop and mobile versions of the forms would display well. Design plays a significant role because it might increase lead generation. Growform, in contrast to other form builders, was created specifically to increase conversion rates. 20+ psychology-based templates enable you to increase lead generation while maintaining the same ad budget.

The wonderful thing is that you can alter practically every component of your form using Google fonts, custom CSS, and background colors. By using conditional logic, you may display and hide fields and direct users to various thank-you sites depending on their responses. The dynamic shapes are those. It has never been so simple to create high-performing forms.

5. Headlessforms – Form Backend

Headlessforms - Form Backend

For a more polished appearance, Headlessforms offers form endpoints as a service. This form builder made it simple to collect submissions for forms. Online form makers can get contributions from users in real-time thanks to a backend tool called Headlessforms. The fact that there is no requirement for programming or other infrastructure is the best part.

You may finish constructing the greatest forms by adding the Headlessforms Endpoint to your form. You receive a user-friendly dashboard for your clients, numerous spam protection options, auto-responders, a pre-built Excel download, immediate notifications, newsletter subscription forms, and more. Your work as a developer will be significantly simplified by the form backend. Instead of building your own, use their comprehensive backend to save time and work.

6. Formcake


A straightforward form solution is Formcake. A lot of beginners enjoy using this form builder. Because Formcake is handling the infrastructure, development teams can concentrate on the front end. Formcake is well-known for having excellent documentation, few dependencies, quick performance, and other features that matter to software engineers because it was created by developers for developers.

Formcake enables development teams to cross off a significant item from their to-do list, whether comprehensive integration support, email deliverability, file uploads, or virus control are your top requirements.

7. Formvio


It can take a lot of time and effort to build forms. However, you don’t need to write a single line of code to create customized forms with Formvio. It is a quick fix that only requires your imagination. For creating stunning, mobile-ready forms for your WordPress website, emails, social media campaigns, and more, Formvio is the best option. It permits data collection of any kind without the need for coding.

Their simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to create forms in a matter of minutes. When a user submits your form, you automatically receive the data and any accompanying files. You don’t need to export or download your data! Every time a form is submitted, you will receive an email notification, along with the data and any file attachments.

The use of forms has several advantages for your website. You may engage with clients and potential customers via web forms, track online leads, and manage contacts. By doing so, you will be able to better understand your buyer personas, improve user experience, and give your leads the data, services, and goods they need. You should design clear, easy-to-use, and aesthetically appealing Web forms. Utilizing some of the form construction tools outlined in this post, you can accomplish exactly that. By doing this, your company can guarantee that visitors to its website will have a polished, helpful experience.


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